TPP…. The US Trade Deal …What this means should countries participate…

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)… [or TTP, TTIP]…The most secret document ever, every investigative journalists want a copy.

Wikileaks has only 5 chapters…but amazingly Governments around the World who are even considering this document are idiots.

If your Government signs this document ..


Further reading available here…

As ‘tongue in cheek’ you can read this secret document here…

The chapter on ‘Investment’ makes a mockery of the individual Countries Trade Practices Acts (or similar) in that it reverts to a separate legal institute from the Country to resolve disputes…like hello multinational companies with deep pockets can tie down any opposition and seek damages, bankrupting the country competitor in the process.

America at its finest, giving multinational companies a huge advantage on trade.

This is so ludicrous on investments alone, that no Government should even consider entering into this trade agreement and say so now…. But we all know Governments .. Politicians and vested interests…those with money rule.


Yes money, no money no honey.

I could go on, and on and on…but quite frankly this document is not in the interests of any Countries business community.

Any politicians with the balls would have said so already.

Edit: link to full text..

Still sticking to my opinion that if any trade minister acting on behalf of his constituents would just can this nuclear time bomb …..


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