To you too . .

Yes funny about Christmas – if you don’t have children or grandchildren it creeps up on you – can’t be avoided.


So to all – to you too!

So this is Christmas – terrorists on the lose in the EU – snowflakes and buttercups melting in America – Putin closing Russia to the rest of the world, whilst NATO at the doorstep – Syria’s Aleppo liberated to the angst of the U.K., France and America – but not before these three great countries arranged for safe passage of their undercover terrorist support and the terrorists themselves to Palmyra – then on the economic front global trade bottoming and Yellen’s Christmas present of an interest rate rise to the emerging economies and all and sundry – mind you after the U.S. pension funds collapsed – yea great timing stupid!

Wow – and that is just scratching the surface – whilst pedophilia in Norway and England being busted wide open – and no reports in the mainstream media – and then one has #pizzagate in the U.S. – being trounced for even suggesting that this ‘may’ occur in that ‘great’ country.

Obama just plays golf – whilst his wife cries away no hope – Hollande resigned to just f&cking about – May seemingly destined for an indefinite postponement of Brexit – Wilders ready to trump the Netherlands – with Merkel to get TrumpD in Germany.

But hey Charlie Sheen making a comeback – seriously!

What more could one ask for Christmas?

God bless their socialist souls.

If you are ready for it – 2017 will explode – yes in more ways then one.



Bonds continue to tank

Dow to 30,000+

USD to trump all

Emerging countries collapse under the increasing interest rates applied by Yellen – yes regret that she still does not get IT.

Edit: Wrong picture – wrong bloody Christmas message – so here we go – like it or lump it!




LaGarde Guilty -Negligence – now can the Witch just go?

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde convicted of one count of negligence by Paris court over her handling of a multi-million dispute when she was France’s finance minister.


Now can the 60-year-old IMF managing director – convicted at the Cour de Justice de la Republique, over events that occurred nearly a decade ago – go?

Or is it one rule for the elite – intent on globalism?

IMF chief Christine Lagarde found guilty of ‘negligence’ over huge payout to business tycoon – but escapes jail.

The Telegraph U.K. reports

“Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, has been found guilty of “negligence” over a huge payout to a business tycoon while she served as France’s finance minister.

However, in a boost to her hopes of keeping her post, the Court of Justice of the Republic – a special tribunal for ministers – chose not to punish her or give her a criminal record. She had faced a one-year term and a €15,000 (£13,000) fine.”

What ever happened to the French Justice system?

Off with her head – the Wicked Witch should be guillotined – for her role in the mid-2008 – 285 million-euro ($303-million) arbitration award for businessman Bernard Tapie that led to a massive government payout.

The legal case stems from former state-owned bank Credit Lyonnais’s disagreement with Tapie over the 1993 sale of Adidas AG – which he owned – which was subsequently onsold by the Bank.

From my point of view Tapie – in who is definitely not an idiot – sold a business at an agreed price – and then sought to profit from the subsequent re-sale.

Lagrande – as the then French Finance Minister in 2008 – felt that it was better to settle the long running legal case – with the largest French payout ever.

No doubt the French taxpayers were impressed.

So the question now is will the Wicked Witch keep her position as head of the IMF?

Personally I say no – her predecessor was set up on a rape charge – but never convicted – then forced to resign from the IMF.

Lagrande has been found guilty of negligence – and the judges chose not to give her a criminal record – so she no doubt will remain in charge of the political and elite funding establishment of the IMF.

For those readers who are unaware as to why I despise the Wicked Witch of the West – David Stockman shits on this bitch.


The story on the Court decision can be read here –


One whom can circumvent God

Yes – Shakespeare – one of his versions of politicians.

Readers are fully aware of my thoughts on these self serving twats – okay if you didn’t you do now.

From one Nassim Taleb

Trust none of what you hear, some of what you read, half of what you see goes an old trader adage.

As a trader and quant/mathematical statistician, I have been taught to take data seriously, trust nobody’s numbers, and avoid people naive enough to engage in policy based on lurid but questionable pictures of destruction: the fake picture of a dying child is something nobody can question without appearing to be an asshole.

As a citizen, I require that the designation “murderer” be determined in a court of law, not by Saudi-funded outlets?—?once someone is called a murderer or butcher, all bets are off.

I cannot believe governments and bureaucrats could be so stupid. But they are.”

Nassim Taleb

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