The Party IS over



Global trade declined 13.5 percent (YoY) in 2015 – 2016 ain’t getting better.

In case you missed it.

A recent Bloomberg article by Citibank headlined “Here comes a global recession” – stated that

From Citibank’s Buiter

“The long-standing fragilities in the world economy relate to the structural and cyclical slowdowns in China and its unsustainable exchange rate regime, the excessive level of debt across many countries and sectors and ongoing regional and geopolitical uncertainty,” the economists said. The economists have accordingly revised their forecast for growth this year in advanced economies, from a 2.4 percent in January 2015 to 1.6 percent currently, and warns there is more to come.”



Adjusting for ‘real’ China growth is amusing. Mind you China cannot assist the drop in global demand – they themselves – have far too much debt and policy problems internally – to promote more debt to the manufacturers.




Full article can be read here (1) but a warning – Buiter is a tad clueless and does suggest fiscal stimulus is required – this on top of the existing debt.

But hey – Krugman – a Nobel prize winning economist – actually recommended this stupid theory to the Bank of Japan in support of Abenomics.

We can see how that turned out can’t we?

Amazed how idiotic economists and the world financial leaders actually are – can you imagine these people running your business?

Then from the Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis’s World Trade Monitor – we learn that 2015 trade slump was 13.5 percent in USD terms.


Note in USD terms.

Exported goods. Please notice that the ‘volume’ looks fantastic – this is existing contracts.


Exported value. Slump due to the decline in commodity values – a precursor for what is coming.

One can actually understand all countries wanting to reduce their currency value in light of the ‘value’ of goods exported in USD terms.

Blame for the drop is attributed to China and Emerging economies – whilst develop nations rely on consumer spending binge on low interest rates – to boost their GDP.

The Memo and statistics are listed here (2).

The Wicked Witch of the IMF is privy to these figures before their release – one wonders why she advocates further global stimulus when it is obvious that the party has stopped – a big hangover season coming in 2016.



Now the hangover – aspirin anyone? (












Some more straightening out to do




I was heavily criticized over that word – a similar one in this poster – being used in the post  ‘’.

In fact the best email – with no foul language – was that the ‘generalization was pathetic and demonstrates your Islamaphobic intentions.’

Puhleese – first look up the definition of a ‘phobia’ – and I have aired one of many grievances but herein is the ridiculous nature of this – here is something that Governments avoid – people did avoid and the press resent even thinking about – an open dialogue on the refugee crisis worldwide.

Then consider the single most important issue – The Rule of Law.

Your own citizens deserve the same respect of the law – as do migrants.

If one ‘thinks’ that these advertisements make a difference – then one must have rocks in their heads.



Education Is important  – but one should remember where the migrants’ religion places women – and the majority of their home countries do not have legal rights for women and children.

Indonesia – a predominantly Muslim population with around 260 million Sunni inhabitants has various laws set to protect women and children.

These include laws on protection against domestic violence, child protection and protection against human trafficking.


So why should refugees not be subject to the laws in place in the host country?

The Snake….


This video is political – mainstream media and politicians – have ignored discussing the situation regarding refugees and migrants generally.

Their collective ignorance – of a ‘politically correct culture’ has led to the ability of one Donald Trump scoring a major political victory with ‘The Snake’.

Puhleese – if you want to bury your heads in the sand like Sweden, Germany, France, Australia – and I could go on and on – then you are ignorant – one Donald Trump has tapped into public opinion – and has scored big time.

Ethnonationalism – my word for the 2016 calendar year.

The term ethnonationalism refers to a particular strain of nationalism that is marked by the desire of an ethnic community to have absolute authority over its own political, economic, and social affairs. Therefore, it denotes the pursuit of statehood on the part of an ethnic nation.



No harm in this – do not see Israel or Saudi Arabia slapped across the wrists – for their stance – well they are – but they ignore.

Sweden is cactus – after a decade of socialism and politically correct rhetoric – they are the architects of their own demise.

This is my view in Sweden – the politicians are just plain weird – the ‘goody goodies’ on everyone else – accepting migrants and refugees – and ignoring it’s own people – with very little thought for integration.

The country is seeking a Nobel peace prize for ‘Caring about Others’ – yet has ignored its own constituents and demographics – leading to an insane scenario of destroying the social fabric of the State – through insane rapid acceptance of migrants and refugees from an entirely different culture – with an entirety different value system.

Look at these statistics on asylum applications.


Hungary is now practicing ‘ethonationalistic’ tendencies.

Sweden on the other hand – nearly a decade of ‘caring for others’ we now have a situation – in that a country of just 9.8 million – has 26.8 percent of the population to foreign born parent(s). Think about that – how do they continue to absorb 150,000 refugees each year.

Then see where these refugees are coming from?

Not all are conflict areas.




In Sweden the idiots in charge have ignored language barriers – skill sets – and their niceness in not to offend these new arrivals – has resulted in ghettos to develop with rampant crime and instability threatening the rest of the population.

But don’t blame the refugees – as with Germany – they were accepted with open arms and a social net – guaranteed free medical, education and financial support.


This map depicts, at a glance, the European migrant crisis.
This map depicts, at a glance, the European migrant crisis.

Germany and basically all other countries are creating the same explosive situation – but too little too late – damage has already been done.

Who will be the first country to allow a full blooded – no holds barred – discussions on the crisis and goals in regard to integration – who will apply the law – in regard to criminal offences?

Why is it that migrants are exempt from the Countries law?

Why are judges and magistrate lenient on sentencing on many crimes?

As for the inept EU – these administrative idiots have cowtailed to Merkel’s demands and have blatantly ignored the problems in the Club Med countries.


And guess what – you voted these people to positions of power – you allowed the insane policies and you have allowed the politically correct rhetoric to rule.


I have lived in a Muslim country for a number of years – the people are fantastic – simple fact – a few bad apples exist – as in any country.

The people do not want conflict – they just want to live peaceably and impose their rules on you.

Simple – their country – you have to comply.

So why in western societies do we bend the rules for refugees/migrants?

What is a refugee anyway?

A refugee, according to the Geneva Convention on Refugees “is a person who is outside their country of citizenship because they have well-founded grounds for fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, and is unable to obtain sanctuary …”

Check those last four words please.

Does anyone know the difference between and economic refugee and a humanitarian refugee?

I have heard the bullshit that there is no difference – wake up – refugees in the main are forced to leave their country because they are at risk – or have experienced persecution – humanitarian refugees are usually situated in United Nations refugee camps – as they were forced to flee without belongings.

An economic refugee on the other – well they have already escaped their country and have already been accepted in another country – but in this transition – earn pittance – undertake the menial and hard jobs – so economically the allure of a socialist state – with free benefits and greater ability to earn more money is like ‘mana from heaven’.

The principle concerns of humanitarian refugees are human rights and safety, not economic advantage. They leave behind their homes, most or all of their belongings, family members and friends.

The situation of conflict will always exist – but as I stated previously – always a few bad apples exist – both within migrants/refugees and within your own society.

Go read – UK should hang their head in shame over this whole affair.


Goodbye Bulls – Hello Bears

SHANGHAI – Germany is against the world’s major economies launching a fiscal stimulus package in the face of slowing global growth, its finance minister said Friday.

“Thinking about further stimulus just distracts from the real task at hand,” Wolfgang Schaeuble told a conference ahead of a G20 finance ministers meeting, adding that Berlin does “not agree on a G20 fiscal stimulus package”.

As reported in the Bangkok Post.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble – AFP PHOTO /JOHN THYS


Dear me – history doth repeat.

Cause – cut off money.

Effect – culling of bankers and bulls.

Socialism / Capitalism


Politicians change their attitudes depending on the constituency’s demands – they change their colours to get re-elected.

Yes I have seen caterpillar politicians before elections – turn to butterflies afterwards – Marxists to Socialists and vice versa.

The problem with this is that left become aligned to the left of centre and the right become aligned to the right of centre.

So – all countries basically head in the same direction – political rhetoric changes – so that the ruling party can get re-elected.

Marxism then rules as promises have to be paid off.


The funny thing about the democratic process – no one wants to change the system.

The majority vote  – is that one vote – whereby the minority have no choice – they have to accept the choice.





Arse – given the chocolate handshake.


My least favorite Arse of all time is leaving the Willy Wonker Chocolate Factory.


Yes the weasel Arse – finally we are seeing his arse end. Having been asked to resign by Porky (aka Willy Wonker).

Victoria Nuland must be spitting chips now that her neo-Nazi hand puppet is leaving parliament – well one hopes that he does resign.

Arse and I go well back on this blog – who could forget this brilliant episode in Germany – with Merkel.



So now he is being asked to resign – and nothing has changed in the Country  – oligarchs fighting oligarchs – government corruption rampant and this will get a lot more volatile now.


Chart from Bloomberg – with thanks.


See the ‘orange’ slice of this pie –  well that is Arse’s party – the People’s Front a “very very” right party and the followers of which are neo-nazi’s – yes the arsewipes creating havoc in West Ukraine.

Those ones that western media have glorified during the civil war – as the poor sods – together with the Ukrainian military – fighting the ‘whole’ Russian army.

Any way this is my take on the situation.


So with whom now does Willy Wonker bring into the chocolate factory to shore up the coalition?

It has to be one in the same – otherwise this government will collapse – and then all hell will break loose before the next election.

Ukraine is riddled with corruption and effectively bankrupt.

They cannot and will not get their house into order – the power of money is just far too great – oligarchs against oligarchs – while the people suffer and no resolution in site for Eastern Ukraine.

The sore just festers.

Thankyou U.S. – I.M.F. and our favorite carpetbagger Soros.







Erdogan must want roasted turkey






Turkey is acting without good advice.
Article 5 0f the Washington Treaty states that

“..Collective defence means that an attack against one Ally – is considered as an attack against all Allies.”

Obama had better bring his lapdog Recep back into line.

The decision to act – or not – would be made not at NATO HQ in Brussels – but in Washington, DC.

It is not hard to imagine an American president risking nuclear war to defend a country supporting a terrorist organization against Syria and Russia.

It is only half a world away – and they have approved Saudi’s war planes to be relocated to Turkey.


Image borrowed from Washington Post.


The Syrian government has confirmed that its army positions were targeted by Turkish shelling on Saturday (13th February) – which also hit the positions of the Syrian Kurdish militias in the northern Aleppo province.

Turkish shelling reportedly continued Sunday.

The shelling targeted the Menagh military air base and the nearby village of Maranaz.

Kurdish forces and the Syrian Army had taken control of the air base on Thursday.

The Menagh base had previously been controlled by the Ahrar ash-Sham Islamist terrorist gangs, which seized it in August of 2013. Ahrar ash-Sham jihadist mercenaries at the base had been supported by Al-Nusra terrorists and some other gangs of barbarian apes coming from Turkey.


Just so happens Kurds were in the area – Erdogan does not like Kurds that much.

For full and regular updates stay away from the Mainstream Media.

Edit: No – do not just rely on one source.

Jerusalem Post is pretty good plus FARs


Sputnik, TASS, Russia Insider just loves rubbing salt into the US wounds.

The Moscow Times – not really allied to Putin.

War Crimes – have been committed by the US and allies – they then find any excuse not to print the truth – even blame Russia / Putin for everything.

I do not like the kleptocrat – but looking at other world leaders – guess what?