I smell a rat – is Trump to commit another war crime to keep the rats at bay?


It is apparent that Donald Trump is standing alone as President of the United States of America – the world’s largest economy – yet a country ruled not by the President – but by a unified party of Democrats and Republicans.

The United States Uniparty (USU) comprises both Democrats and Republicans – and are a force to be reckoned with – and no more apparent than the new Russian Sanctions being imposed by the US Senate – against the backdrop – that the Russians did not interfere in the US elections – and the failure of the Congress and Senate to can Obamacare – a bankrupt health care system benefitting big Pharma.

The simple fact of the matter is – that should Trump need anything done – then he has to bow down to the rats in the Republican Party – appease the majority – and no better way to do this – is to follow the script that was written by the rats – which includes creating a war against the Syrian regime.

Ousting Assad.

So then we have the U.S. Representative to the United Nations making this tweet – an indicator that there will be a staged ‘gas’ attack in the not to distant future.


Please note – the first respondent – Eva Bartlett has exposed the ‘White Helmets’ – the source of the gas attack – as being a staged attack with false photographs and actors.

Yes – Trumps evidence – on the last reason to bomb Syria – was bullshit – as I detailed in a prior blog – and now this has been supported by Sey Hersch (1) in a recent article in the German Welt – but please – do not expect any mainstream media operation to run this report – it is going against those that seek control of the assets in Syria.

Trumps decision previously – to bomb Syria without satisfactory evidence – killed 9 people – he is a war criminal – no different than Obama.

Should the rebels in Syria stage another ‘Sarin Gas’ attack – then we can expect the US to again attack Syria using cruise missiles – the question though is whether Russia and Iran will sit idly by – whilst the U.S. attack a sovereign nation – an act of war.

With this U.S. aggression will Russia ensure that the S300 and S400 missile defense systems are fully operational?

The Syrian army and Airforce retaliate?

Iranian forces – which are currently undertaking war games with China – respond with force?

I personally would not want to be in Trump’s position – should any or all of the above play out – it will be another war – based on a false premise.


All this to look after the rats within the U.S. Congress and Senate – appease the swamp – which Trump promised to drain – yet they still remain firmly in control.




Australia – pure bullshit on trade forecast figures.

It is important to me to watch the global trade figures – in terms of progress – to confirm in particular that the global trade has bottomed – and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Then I came across these figures for the OECD Goods and Services Trade forecast.


Yes a look into each country’s future expectations.

One look at this chart and it seems that the Australian exports are to explode – all I can say is that this is wishful thinking by the Australian Government – most probably in line with the fairytale 2017 May budget and forecasts.

My forecast is that this forecast is pure bullshit – and a simple formula should be applied – as in accounting – in that for each increase or decrease there has to be a corresponding and equal offset.

Whilst Australian forecast figures are snatched from a ‘fairytale’ – all other country’s are in line with expectations.

Seems since the Turnbull government came to power – the one thing they are good at is distorting the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures – whether in unemployment – GDP – and now the trade forecasts in the future.

Note: The Definition of Trade in goods and services forecast is defined as the projected value of projects sold in the future.

P.I.G.S. Banks a problem? Hint – Not from my point of view.

Yes I do have one – and always a nice vista in any direction.

So we have the Greece festering boil not popping – but both Portugal and Italy a tad Bank shy – more so due to the nationalization of a few Banks – through bad lending – and a larger than normal Non Performing Loans situation – then all of these Banks being unable to obtain private funding to recapitalize.

So do we have a problem?

No – nyet – nein.

The reason is simple – the risk is being borne by the taxpayers of both Portugal and Italy – the size of the troubled Banks themselves – are not necessarily in that tipping zone of posing a Sovereign risk.


The Banks that are in trouble – are not a ‘Lehman’ vintage wrecking ball – they are in fact not even a blimp on my radar.

So whilst taxpayers – subordinated Bondholders – are bearing the brunt of the burden – it is not a sovereign risk and the amount of the gross liability can be absorbed by each country.

Note please those Banks that are a risk – DeutscheBank – HSBC – CreditSuisse.


Why there will be no Peace in the Middle East.

Well ‘promises’ are not promises to be kept – especially when it comes down to money – oil – and power.


And the underlying reason that Trump and Tillerson – have. changed his mind on the Syrian conflict and has commenced attacking Syrian targets.


Comes down to the Syrian territory of the Golan Heights and a company called Genie Oil.


And who is behind Genie Oil – first Israel – seized the property during the 6 day war and has refused to release this territory back to Syria – and to ensure that Western Governments acquiese to their demands Genie Oil given the rights to drill for oil and gas.


Yes Syrian land – illegally held by Israel and defended on all fronts by ISIS – Israel – and the United States.


In the last couple days Israel has attacked Syrian positions twice.


No response from Putin, no russian jets, no S400.
And Syria is unable to respond.

No antiair missiles and no S300.

It’s getting to be open season on direct hits on Syrian forces – not just attacks on infrastructure.

Now we need an update on Ukraine.

From all reports Porky and the neo-Nazi’s are destroying houses in Donbass one by one. Russia not retaliating – neither is the local militia to preserve the Minsk Agreement.

And to think Germany and the US have given drones for the Ukrainians to use.

There are no good guys at the top.

Beware – There are no Good Guys and the Bad Guys are everywhere – and your blind apathy allowed this to happen.


Ever have this happen?

Sign of the times – post deleted and just so happens my hard drive decided to cark it….coincidence.

Well it is a wake up call – your nightmare come true – the dystopian reality that all you really are – is a pawn in a far bigger game – one which has good guys and bad guys – and it all boils down to money – and power – the bad guys win.

The bad guys always win – mainly due to the simple fact that the pawns are easily manipulated – force can be used – and there are no qualms about breaking laws – and ably supported by the mainstream media – the propaganda machine.

This corrupt network was established over more than a few decades – a cartel which allowed the spoils of war to be distributed amongst the players – and reaches through to the lawmakers – administration – judges – police – military – and intelligence agencies (FBI, NSA, NGA) – No more evident than the Petraeus (Treason) and Epstein (Pedophilia) charges and the ridiculous sentences imposed – and more recently the unmasking of U.S. citizens by the Obama Administration.

Whilst the seeds were established by Bush Senior – as the then director of the CIA – as President – the tentacles spread around the globe – aided and abetted by Kissinger in Russia – throughout Asia – Eurasia – South America – Africa – and the Middle East – Far East – the results were drug running – murder – organ harvesting – child trafficking – money laundering – you name the poison they did it – which included treason against their own country.

The CIA undertook the training and implementing security – whether it be the Contras – Al Qaeda – Daesh – ISIS – the results were always the same – disruption and control – terrorist activities or assassinations.

NATO undertook the security and illegal activities in Europe and North Africa.

Each President – bar Carter – was involved with the ‘cartel’ – to the point that their own allies were running for election in both Democrats and Republicans – to control both houses and to ensure that the was no real investigations.

The Council for Foreign Relations – the disguise.

A public company ‘Carlyle Group’ was established – to invest the illegal ‘washed’ gains and take advantage of insider information on arms and oil – the participants of which extend from Europe – UK and America.

The money laundering conducted through HSBC – BCCI – and others – with the final destination Malaysia – United Arab Emirates – and Dubai.

To avoid Congressional oversight private companies SERCO – Blackwater – DynCorp were employed as local and international contractors. These groups trained ex-military to become sheriffs and police officers throughout the States.

Trade-offs were done with other Intelligence agencies and governments – thereby securing a significant global network – and should parties not conform – then resort to bribery and blackmail – election tampering – murder – terror – total control.

It still amazes me Mr Jack Lew – how the U.S. Treasury can allow USD $6 trillion to disappear – to vanish through the various departments – and why the majority of U.S.AID monies are diverted to the cartel participants – for construction of hotels and amenities not associated with the original purpose.

Then U.S.AID monies directed through to Non Government Organizations established by Soros and his ilk to take advantage of the confusion and distractions after the disruptions.

Laws were actually constructed to assist the bad guys – they themselves could see the consequences of the long reach of the law – atypical example of which was Kim DotCom.

With DotCom – it was a specific target – the one thorn in their side – Wikileaks – by flipping DotCom – who was a known ally of Assange – they could then enter the inner circle.

In that instance – a NZ resident – DotCom was charged with Internet crimes – they then proceeded to list him as a fugitive – for refusing to attend the U.S. – then they seized his assets legally.

The USA -v- Asset as an example – the assets could not be defended in a court by a fugitive or his representatives. (Full report in Tech.net)

This all known – to both the Australian and New Zealand governments – and intelligence agencies who were complicit by their silence and inaction.

An absolute corrupt system – an absolute abuse of power and position.

This all ably assisted by the Mainstream Media – United Nations – and last but definitely not the least – Hollywood – Lionsgate had great pleasure in ensuring blockbusters were produced off of the deeds undertaken by the cartel – led by both Bush Senior – Clinton – Obama – assisted by all of the western world leaders.

Every Al Qaeda – ISIS attack – has a purpose – assassination – distraction – or protection – the latter being for the ratlines established – for drug running or child trafficking.

When anyone indicated what was going on – or attempted to advertise the corrupt situation – that had developed – what was being done and by whom – for the benefit of a few – none would listen.

Nor would anyone object to a government that installed an Orwellian law to collect all citizens metadata – to allow the citizens themselves to be monitored to silence the critics.

It took the sane intelligence agencies – the Dutch – French – Russian – Serbian – and old Mossad to instigate an investigation – through one George Webb on YouTube.

These agencies knew the intent – knew the operations – but they could not put the criminal activities to the public – hindered by their own leaders – so Mr George Webb through YouTube – conducted an investigation – used willing internet participants (over 26,000) to undertake the research and provide the documentation – over 217 days to throw light on the illegal activities and highlight the murderer of Seth Rich and the complicity of Comey – McCabe and Mueller in a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the a United States.

Now that the candle has been lit – one Podesta – Hillary Clinton’s enforcer – has threatened Webb and his family – forcing the closure of that investigation.

Jason Goodman and HA Goodman – both through YouTube – are to continue throwing light on all of the illegal players and activities – as mainstream media are corrupted – the ‘Deep State’ do not want Trump to succeed.
(1) General Tommy R. Franks defended a – June 19, 2013 raid – near the Syria-Iraq border that killed two civilians – as an attack designed to disrupt a “ratline” that was being used to shuttle Baathist officials in and out of Iraq.
The term ‘Ratline’ is a nautical term – referring to small lengths of horizontal cord that run between the shrouds – several strong ropes that affix the top of a mast to the vessel’s sides.

The ratlines serve as crude ladder rungs – allowing the crew to scale the mast when necessary.

In bygone days, scampering up the ratlines was a last desperate recourse – for sailors on sinking ships – at least if they were unfortunate enough to have missed out on the lifeboats.

As a result, “ratline” became a synonym for “last-ditch escape route.”

The bad guys – let us just say those that move illegal goods – use ratlines around the world – as the safest and most secure route – to move these goods to their destinations.

Once established – these ratlines have security in place – and when in need the security will ensure that the route is free and clear to allow the gods to pass.

Bearing that in mind – then we look at the security – and the best example is what is happening in the Philippines at present.