It took them that long to realise the obvious . . yes the problem always has been the dollar.

From the China Daily

“It will is not the renminbi – but the US dollar that today poses the greatest risk to the global economy and serves as its fear gauge.”

Like hello – someone finally turned the lights on – it was never about the Yuan – pity they had not read this blog – would have saved a currency war…


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TrumpD – and now a Purple Shitstorm

Yes this was what I wanted – pity that the results are not as expected.


By winning – the Trump phenomenon would have ensured that corruption would be highlighted – the arrogant global politicians would be TrumpD by their own constituents.

It is amazing though – the most evil and corrupt woman in the history of the human race will not accept defeat – the American circus rolls on.

If Trump does not keep to his promise to see Hillary Clinton in jail – then the Purple Revolution will definitely be a pain in his rear end.

Take notice of the simple fact that – Obama nor Clinton – have condemned the Democrat agitators throughout the various States.

Priceless and pitiful at the same time.

Obama’s only legacy during his tenure was to create a class war – nothing else – the Clintons on the other hand have raped – pillaged – and lined their own pockets – while anticipating a foregone election conclusion – assisted by Google – Twitter – and the Mainstream Media.


Whilst Clinton was TrumpD – her evil intentions continue in the Purple Revolution – yes it is real – desire to have that Presidency – that power and control.

Amazes me that this group have a socialits agenda – that in itself has to be paid by ‘other people’s money – obviously not the oligarchs and Clinton Foundation – as the former pay little or none and the latter just avoid paying tax altogether – choosing instead to use the Clinton Foundation – a non profit organization – as their personal piggy bank.

Even Chelsea’s wedding paid for – at American taxpayers expense.

So whilst Hillary and Obama were TrumpD in the election – the groundswell of democratic agitators and indoctrinated snowflakes are creating a Bolshevik Purple Revolution.

Even at the expense of people’s lives.


Yes – they can stick their safety pins where the sun don’t shine!



Russian driving fines being increased -and they do tolerate this type of driving.

Travelling for me involves public transport – taxi – or hired car with driver.

My first trip to St. Petersburg Russia was a shocker – no taxi after one hour – so arranged hotel to pick me up.

The most interesting aspect of all drivers – was the tendency to maintain a legal speed limit of 80 kph within the city district. Yes – even in winter – racing from one set of lights to another.

So fines increased for dangerous driving – and just driving is dangerous – yet what is ‘normal’ to Russians was a shocker to me.

Please note – the drivers have complained about the increase in fines – but puhleese watch the video – to see the driving examples highlighted – cringe worthy!


Only in America – Fallout from Trump victory spectacular . .

Yes it is by far the biggest circus – just gets better and better.

To put it into context – the whole world is watching – well not really – but it does command attention – and I had an email – stating that if it was the ‘majority vote’ – then Clinton would be the President Elect.

Well I concede that point – but for all and sundry – the United States of America is a republic – it is not a democracy. They have the benefit of the Electoral College system and this is determined by the States – win the individual States – win those votes and the requisite Electoral College votes – and these went to Trump 290 – the majority – Clinton 232 – from memory.

To put it another way – stops the large populated States – and three come to mind – from dictating the outcome for the remaining States.

The problem with the Clinton Campaign was the belief that Democrat States were Democrat States – the newcomer on the block could not give a brass razoo – the Trump campaign hit all States.

The Democrat States subsequently felt ‘wanted’ and in need of change – that Jacksonism feeling – and Trump received the vote.

Enough said – the election is over – Trump is the President Elect.

So we now all wait with baited breath – as to whether he will follow through with his promises – there is a lot of speculation – but that is all it is – other wise I fear Mr Trump shall hear the words “You are Fired.”


Mind you he does need a lesson in economics – effects of tariffs – subsequent impact on the major trading partner – in that regard China – and the butterfly effect from that point.

Infrastructure spending against a backdrop of USD20 trillion worth of debt – USD10 trillion from Obama’s presidency.

Not nice.


Also needs to know as to whom to trust – that seems to be a problem now – as he referred to Obama as a ‘great man’ – and let us hope that he does not phone Hillary for assistance – as he did suggest in an interview – after she conceded the election to him.

Then you have the neo-conservative ‘Empire builders’ being requisitioned to the transition team – plus his apparent choice of the person to replace Janet Yellen at The Federal Reserve.

Think Donald has no clue – in fact I fear he has no bloody idea what to do – misplaced trust will only allow the circus to roll on through to his impeachment – yes you heard me right.

Some Democrats miffed – not only the Hill and Bill extravaganza – with the ‘purple revolution’ – but we now have one Michael Moore – requesting funds to start a revolution for impeachment.

Well it is the biggest and best show in town.


So watch this space – it can and will get far more interesting.

Then we have the Russia relationship – with Clinton TrumpD – Russia is seeking to restore diplomatic relations – bring the situation back from the brink – so to speak – and this in turn has upset NATO – a smidgen – well maybe more than a smidgen – a lot.

The political and military impact globally is interesting – in fact a lot may change – then again – a lot may not.


I will leave you with this ‘parade picture’ – Merkel should realise that her constituents are no different to America – she had crawled so far up America’s arse – and bent rules on the refugees that it may be Germany’s population that will trump her – TrumpD.


Interesting – then Merkel would be TrumpD – the newest revolutionary craze to sweep the globe.

Then we will have Hollande TrumpD too.

Other elections?

Turnbull was nearly TrumpD – but the alternatives were not nice – more the pity.


McFaul – the Bullshitter


Fallout from Trump winning continues – those plants by current POTUS Obama and Clinton followers – being put in their place – the most recent Michael McFaul – 52 – Obama appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2012 to 2014.

For telling porkies – same porkies as Obama and Clinton.

From Sputnik news:-

“McFaul made a controlversial remark via his Twitter account, claiming that the Kremlin had allegedly intervened in US presidential election and “succeeded.” However, later he deleted his post and wrote that “Of course Putin is also big winner tonight” after Donald Trump secured a victory in the election with 290 electoral votes against his rival Hillary Clinton’s 232.”

Knows nothing of Russia – language – culture

A neo-con intent on assisting American Not For Profit organizations within Russia – who emanates from – the Project Democracy and – National Endowment for Democracy – both organizations comprising left wing radicals – seeking regime change – globalization – tainted by Oligarchs.

Profession – specialist in Democracy – just a professional bullshitter.


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson – Zakharova told Rossiya-1 TV channel.

According to her, McFaul is an official “who intentionally damaged bilateral relations.” She also added that the inclusion of the former US envoy to Russia in the so-called mirror sanctions list is a “retaliatory measure.”

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Sticks and Stones – Snowflake

Well what can anyone really say?



That may even offend – and as I am an offensive person – not really – just brought up in an era where ‘sticks and stones may break my bones – but your words will never hurt me!’

Okay it was tough – but a lot of lessons in life were learnt – needless to say I did not learn a lot in the beginning – it took time – my first fight because I was offended by an older boy labeling me ’emo’ on the football field.

Bait taken – I was despatched to the sidelines to cool off – and the opposing side scored – I received a team thumping after those shenanigans.

It seems that we now have a Generation Snowflake – no one taught valuable life lessons.


So we now have the CEO of a public listed company ‘Grubhub’ – threatening Republican staff – because he was upset over Hillary losing the election.

Like WTF? – excuse profanities please.

Wonder how the Board feels about that?


Yes people’s person – thought his offices were a safe space – to say and do as he liked.



It seems a lot of Snowflakes are demonstrating against the election results in America.

So this is the result of a great upbringing – good university – close family ties.