History being made again – if Iran has nothing to hide – then why not allow U.N. Nuclear Inspectors to look around?

EDIT: History is being made but not the way I intended. My original post is immediately below – my edit – in bold at the bottom of this post explains it all – the Kid doesn’t want love – the kid wants money. 

Original Post.

“Well the Iranians state the U.N. Inspectors will be denied access to military compounds (1) – this is after the Iranians and North Koreans entered discussions on trade talks.

Okay – I did wonder where ‘the kid’ sourced the technology from – and this is not the kind of ‘love’ and ‘open arms for diplomacy’ – that I was talking about on my prior blogs.


No one reads history – both countries have but one goal – both leaders of these countries can cease to exist very quickly.


And whose to say it will be Trump – my money is on the monarchy.

Yes it was a good deal……


Obama knew that the threat from the ‘kid was real’ – he advised Trump before the presidential inauguration – nice welcoming present.

Beggars belief that the leaders of both countries – North Korea and Iran – cannot just accept the world as it is a and get on with life – they both obviously have a large axe to grind.

1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-nuclear-usa-idUSKCN1B918E

Edit: Really do not know what day it is – I think 9 days after I made this post and during that time realised I was wrong.

Damnit – should have trusted my instincts.

Maybe big news – North Korea does not have a ‘nuclear’ device – they may have 10,000 tonnes of TNT though – hence the initial explosion at the nuclear facility – but what followed was not a nuclear blast – in other words what people tried to tell me was that the initial explosion was the ‘trigger’ the ‘fuse’ to detonate the nuclear device.

I call bullshit on this – simple reason – the aftershock was of greater magnitude as a earthquake – but not necessarily a nuclear device – the NASA pictures before and after show mass landslides. One cannot trigger a huge explosion without Mother Nature letting you know that it hurt – a 6.1 Richter scale earthquake – the ‘supposed’ nuclear explosion would have happened instantaneously. No delay! (Edit – or the impact was created by a kinetic energy object – a Rod from God).

To back this up you need to start the critical thinking process:-

1. Iran’s involvement was for the transport – they are assisting in this regard (ICBM’s) as they themselves ‘need’ updated armaments. Simple – remember that they are ‘complying’ with the former Obama regime UN Nuclear Inspection requirements – and this stated by Trump. The military bases were not on the original nuclear inspection agreement.

2. Trump has not attacked – why? For the simple reason there is no nuclear threat – it is all a game of bluff  – to extort monies – and he knows this. Imagine China allowing North Korea to have the nuclear capability on their borders – when they themselves are protecting the country from an attack – based on the original agreement signed after the Korean War.

3. China is a tad upset that the U.S. have moved missile defence systems to Japan and North Korea – this no doubt – was never the intention of the Chinese politburo – the reason is simple in that ‘they’ expected a Clinton compromise – hand the kid $5billion to stop the apparent ‘nuclear’ threat. Well that backfired BIG time. Chinese do not understand Trump – simple.

4. North Korea is a third world country – look at all the recent military photographs for proof of the armaments that the army boys are carrying – vintage rifles. Yes North Korea has 150 missiles pointed at South Korea – but what is new? These have been in position for a long time.

5. Enter Saudi Arabia joining Japan, United Arab Emirates joining South Korea militarily. Why? The latter more to do with the fact that the South Koreans special forces trained the UAE presidential guards – the former is more to do with a POTUS request. Why? Because the Gulf Cooperation Council has far more advanced weapons than western countries – this gleaned from a General Mattis speech. Both countries are members – plus Saudi Arabian forces are training American troops in a new ground combat techniques which have been used successfully against ISIS in Iraq. IN OTHER WORDS and war with North Korea will be ground assault with Micro Fighting Forces – the 150 missiles aimed at North Korea can be eliminated in a blink of an eye.

6. America does not have any role to play in this regional standoff – simple reasoning – whilst North Korea has made threats nothing has come of this.

7. Now we have just had a recent BRIC’s conference – and Putin again requested diplomacy. That is not strange in itself – as the Foreign Minister Lavrov has been requesting this since the saga began. The point though – is that it is not China – and this in itself is important to enable the Chinese to ‘save face’. If you read the blog regularly it is Chinese pride at stake here – China cannot be the instigator due to Trump demanding China take action.

8. I doubt anyone in the global political spectrum – knows what to expect from Trump – and hence this gambit by North Korea – which is now an abject failure and now political manouvering is required to forestall military action.

I could be wrong – but nothing else adds up – Iran is a flea in the Middle East – causing havoc which is being put to rest by combined forces of the Saudi Arabians and Iraqi soldiers. Iran’s Hezbollah has been decimated – the Iran Regime is very fragile. More fragile than the leadership in North Korea.

It is not love and attention the kid wants – it is money.


Someone is going to get their arse kicked – and about time.

The whole circus and sideshow in America certainly impressed me – in the intensity and ‘fake news’.

Collusion between the Democrats – Mainstream Media – and disruption campaigns by private individuals with a lot of money to burn.

Finally an insight into the investigation that should spark everyone’s interest.


DreamHost – hosts the website of #Disrupt J20.

Seems pretty innocuous until you realise that this ‘group’ expected one Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential Campaign – this screen capture before the presidential elections.


Yes wear black.

Then this after Trump won the election and prior to his inauguration.


Well the pictures are self explanatory – the whole campaign was planned well before the election – and who was behind this should not amaze anyone.


It seems this goes a lot deeper than one might expect – and includes a number of organizations – with a single purpose.



Obama opened the borders of the U.S.A. – allowed MS13 – a violent gang – and the Muslim Brotherhood – direct access.

Trump has attempted to close the borders and implement stringent immigration guidelines for all immigrants and tourists – these being blocked by Obama appointed Judges (9th Circuit) – and senior administration officials.

Someones arse will be kicked – the question is though are the Democrats ready for this?

Nothing is more certain than media bullshit – and who wins? What are you missing?

T’is a pity that everything that one reads or hears on the news – is propaganda – skewed towards the left leaning Socialists and Marxist.

Everything in regard to POTUS is so out of kilt – so ‘fake’ – I wonder at those who cannot think for themselves – as to whether they become entangled in the deceit.


Trump repeats often – ‘the leaks are real – the news is fake’ – and this is borne out by the situation in Charlottesville and Washington from the weekend.


Well I have written about the appointment of Flynn – and his canary trap – the White House do know who the leakers are – and false information is passed to these people who then pass it onto their media contacts. (1)

Nothing new here – the Mainstream Media are children – playing a game invented by Trump – ‘fake news day’ – and no doubt he is relishing the effects of winning.

More the pity that the media could not tell an evenly balanced story – take Charlottesville and the recent demonstrations – as I understand the situation the Mayor and Commissioner of Police should be charged with ‘murder’ – simple solution – as one group had applied for a license to demonstrate – and another group decided that they would cause trouble.

The police were ordered to leave their posts – this was when the second group arrived – thereby allowing violence to occur – and then to allow a vehicle to enter the the cordoned approved demonstration area – and a young lady died due to that vehicle.

I will leave it to the FBI and Dept. of Justice to ascertain who gave the orders – to the police – and why?


My last comment on the situation though may surprise some people – the KKK – are socialists – just go to their website and read their ideals – which are those of the Democratic Party – this was one group licensed for the demonstration.

Who founded the KKK?

The Democratic Party.

Am aware that David Duke leads the KKK – but what did Trump have to say about this individual some time ago?

Put it this way – it was not nice and in fact laid bare the true nature of the KKK and racism.


But who cares – definitely not the mainstream media.

Light a candle for the young lady who died – an innocent life snuffed out through politics  – and then light nine candles for those that died on the same weekend not just 100 miles away.

Then again what is news? – the media have just one objective and it is not reporting the truth.

Those unlicensed groups that attended – ANTIFA – and BLM – the question should have been asked as to who hired those ‘people to attend’ at USD25 per hour – and the participants were supplied baseball bats – and arm pads – to reduce pain should a fight – or riot occur.

As I understand the actual funders of both of these left-wing groups – it is the charities associated with Soros and Icke – and these two multi-billionaires practically own the Democratic Party – with the massive amounts of cash injected for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

A bad investment by both gentlemen and Koch Bros.


Nice to bring Adolf Hitler’s quotes into the theme – Adolf Hitler himself a ‘socialist’.

So principally the left wing Socialists and Marxists – we know that the Hollywood crowd definitely live in a different universe – and then it appears that the ‘globalists’ are on the bandwagon as well.

Prominent Chief Executive Officers of international companies were requested by Trump to join two think tanks on manufacturing options – with the Manufacturing Council & Strategy – and the Policy Forum.

Seems that a few participants decided to retire from these boards – stating amongst other reasons ‘political decisions’ – to wit Trump just stated “I am ending both. Thank you all.”

Pity no one bothered to enquire – as to the real reason that these resignations happened – maybe more to do with global corporations – registering companies in Mexico and Canada – to benefit from the discounts afforded to both of those countries on import of their goods to the United States?

The gentlemen that decided to depart from these forums – had financial interests in not allowing any restructuring of the North American or South America Free Trade Agreement.

They had a huge conflict of interest – so was Trump aware of this? – and was the initial invite to sit on the Board and Forums to discuss the global trade and U.S. manufacturing a trap in itself? – to find out who was loyal to the United States.


In any event it is obvious that money rules – money dictates and that there is no loyalty to any country.

So on the one hand we have Trump dealing with the Democrats who really can’t stand losing – and then Trump has to deal with U.S. global corporations – which just have money on their minds – no loyalty in his grand plan to ‘Make America Great Again.’

Remember that these corporations are funded by the large banks – who fund the offshore investments throughout the majority of third world countries – plus both have the ability to dodge taxation – through International tax havens – so this ‘cabal’ is a two pronged nemesis to Trump and his grand plan.

No doubt POTUS Trump has researched this area well – is fully aware of the economic benefits of a manufacturing base in America – plus seeing that the Chinese manufacturing base costs have risen – with the Xi Government introducing fixed minimum wages – it may be an opportune time to destroy all past agreements.

Nothing like fueling trade talks with Canada – China – South America – to increase the uncertainty in the minds of the Boards and the CEO of global corporations and banks.

The bigger picture though – is how will Canada – China – South America feel about losing – not only their manufacturing base to the United States – but that export market as well.

Personally I doubt whether anyone in the International political arena has met a person with the intent of this President.

His sanctions against countries are principally for trade – trade that the U.S. Companies will benefit from – his manufacturing in America agenda will only benefit America.

Time for recessionary winds to ruffle a few feathers of those offshore companies and the countries themselves who are intent on competing – tariffs anyone?

In the meantime what have the media been doing?

Ridiculing the President of the United States of America!

Note: No he is not my cup of tea – I have mentioned before and I will mention it again – his actions in Syria killed innocent people – he is a war criminal!

1. https://millermatters.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/canary-trap-strikes-hard-patience-is-the-name-of-the-game/       And I am aware when the post was written and it was no April Fools Day joke.


Edit: Added Twitter capture to allow the news to sink in to my detractors. If the DoJ prosecute the Mayor – then it will be interesting. Better grab some popcorn.




United States Uniparty (USU) thinks that America Imperialism will rule – Further illegal sanctions deeply flawed.


What can one say about the new US sanctions to be imposed on Russia – Iran and North Korea.


For my mind I believe that all of the lawmakers in the US should just go back to the asylum.

Like I can sort of understand Iran – that nation is meddling a tad too much in Middle East affairs – and are being more than a nuisance in Yemen – Syria and are a thorn in any peace initiatives in that area.

North Korea though?

I really dismiss mainstream media’s poster boy treatment of the country’s ruler – in reality he just wants attention – doesn’t want sanctions and his ICBM program – like what can he hit?

The whole North Korea exercise would end if the sanctions ended and a bit of diplomacy was on the table – in the meantime it is just a distraction for the media and the US congress.

Not joking – the idiot constructed skyscrapers – look see I can have them too – but cannot supply electricity – something sorely missing in his claim to fame.

It is the North Koreans themselves that would suffer any attack from the US – and they are innocent – working in a communist dictatorship with meager earnings and a miserable existence – even compared to the Russians during the Lenin era.

The USU should try and get some correct information on the country – before fueling any fire for a show of strength against the country.

Then Russia – can’t apply a good sanctions bill without including Russia – and both Putin and Medvedev should be proud of the fact that the USU actually think of the country.

If the USU armed Ukraine – now that would be interesting – but further sanctions on Russia – this is definitely akin to water on a ducks back – the Russians themselves are more thinking that it has to do with advancing American natural gas supplies to the EU – in that the EU would actually buy American natural gas – at twice the price of what Russia can supply?

Well they might – but Europe has very long and cold winters – enough to break their budgets – and one Angela Merkel is fully aware of the consequences.

Then we assume that Americans will sanction their own companies for dealing with the Russians – now that will be a first.

Then we have the USU throwing some words into the various pieces of legislative garbage – attempting to limit the President’s powers – the US lawmakers must really feel they are precious.


Poop’s they do feel they are precious.

Now when I was made aware of this I decided to read the legislation – and none other than Trump stated it was ‘deeply flawed’ – or words to that effect – before signing the Bill into law.

Me personally thinks Trump had no choice – but hey my opinion – should he have vetoed the Bill – it was common knowledge that the US lawmakers would have forced the legislation through both houses – the USU lives again – for a few minutes.

The new legislation ‘apparently’ limiting Trump’s powers – as President – is a nothing burger – one knows – after studying law – that ‘shall’ is definite – ‘may’ means far too much – and to use this – in an attempt to limit Trump using his discretionary powers – shows how deeply flawed the whole matter is.

One would think that these lawmakers had no brainpower – then again – I ‘may’ be wrong on that point.


EDIT: February 1st, 2018

I have had a lot of reading and applying critical thinking to the events that have happened in the past 6 months.

Trump is not a fool – far from it – the only President in my history that has delegated to this in charge of various sections to carry out his agenda.

Yes – unusual and brilliant – Halley in UN – Mattis in charge of armed forces – etcetera etcetera.

So the USU (United States Uniparty) attempt to hobble Trump in militarily operations – but we have Mattis in complete control. Therein is the answer to how to overcome this legislation – it applies to POTUS – not Mattis.

Mattis has free reign – Congress would be peeved – but they were simply TrumpD.

The sanctions against Iran – I reviewed – checked – watched.

Trump hit what mattered most – the money launderers – Hezbollah’s mafia activities – Hezbollah being controlled by Iran.

By applying the sanctions that he did – well he effectively hobbled the Mullahs access to the ‘illegal and black’ monies from Hezbollah’s activities. Without money a tad hard to finance the terrorist activities in the Middle East and South America.

Then in the background – minding their own regional business is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE – effectively knobbling Hezbollah – Iranian Militia – Houthis – you name the radical termites and the exterminators are doing their job.

Even to the extent of removing those running Hezbollah’s illegal operations in South America.

Misdirection – military deception the key.

Times are a changing and I am in awe at the progress made.


Imagine – Peace is possible in the Middle East.

After the Saudi Arabian – regime change – anything is possible.

I mentioned in a prior blog that the Egyptian President Sisi reached out to the leaders of the Middle East seeking a solution to the sectarian conflicts – Shi’a and Sunni.

The stumbling block was the regime in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

This has now changed in that Saudi Arabia has enacted a law – to remove all Islamic writings out of schools – Mosques – that teach violence. (1)

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iraq have been in discussions – open dialogue on the conflicts – treating each other with respect in the aim to quell the conflict. (2)


Now I am a cynic – was when I first read about Morsi approached the neighboring countries and with the CIA funding And supplying weapons to the Syrian Rebels – it was difficult to even image a peaceful resolution. 

Well that has now changed for the better – in that Trump has ceased the CIA involvement with weapons and technicians to the apparent Islam moderates – the result of which is the slow defeat of ISIS / ISIL – and the US drones targeting of the ISIS / ISIL hierarchy.

These rebels / terrorists are now on the run and what is happening globally – is a last ditch effort of remnants of the terrorists to be recognised – they are moving out of Iraq – in Syria they are changing sides – yet the main body appears to be in Afghanistan – and there they attempted to disrupt Iraq and Saudi discussions.

Then we have an offensive by Saudi Arabia in Yemen – not going their way – so the question is now – can the US and Syria and Russia work together – to have Iran and the Houthi rebels seek peace?


Time will tell.

Thank heavens both Obama and Clinton are not involved – as it is both of the despots were involved in the Ukraine – Libya and Syria….. 

Give peace a chance.

Recap for those that need a refresher course.

Many people in the Middle East are loyal to various sects – religions which shapes their thinking.

Iraq is a Muslim state – but 90 percent are Sunni Wahhabist – and ten percent Shi’a.

Iraq – in order to protect themselves from the Sunni Wahhabist Salafist terrorists (al Qaeda and ISIS – the Islamic State) turned to Iran – a dominant Shi’a Muslim State – who supplied the Shi’a Militia.

The Sunni terrorists call the Shi’a – ‘those who reject’ – rafida – and hate the Shi’a more than any other group in the world – and vice versa.

With the heads of state of both Saudi Arabia and Iraq now meeting – the situation should be resolved to rid Iraq of the Shi’a Militia – this then would release Iraq from Iranian control – breakup of the Shi’a Militia – and allow peace to be restored.

Both al-Queda and ISIS are no longer supported by the CIA – so technically they would withdraw through to Afghanistan.

Iran now has a problem – in that they are funding the Houthi in Yemen – and have to deal with the transient terrorists moving through to Afghanistan.

Edit: Omitted second link.

1. http://qurancomplex.gov.sa/Display.asp?section=1&l=arb&f=nwasekh158&trans=

2. http://www.arabnews.com/node/1137151/saudi-arabia