Once upon a time – Someone thought to open Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box relates to the utter reprehensible practices – child trafficking – slavery – pedophilia.

Not to mention all the shit that goes with it – from blackmail through to murder.

So President Donald Trump is intent on draining the swamp – and has issued a statement to this effect.

Yes – three cheers that someone has initiated an investigation – but this is only in the United States.


Cynthia McKinney is right – one wonders therefore whether the swamp will permit this to gather traction – as it will implicate a lot of sitting members in congress and the senate.

Interesting times indeed.

Please remember that the mainstream media has not been reporting the full extent of the global pandemic – they are mute.

This is happening globally – Italy – and notice the Vatican does not intervene in these practices – U.K. and throughout all Europe – on every continent and in the Middle East.

It is a start in the United States – but the swamp will fight back – there will be ramifications and media will ignore the obvious – they will combine to obfuscate the real news – concentrate on the ‘fake’ news.


Interesting times indeed.

Let the sun shine in – let the swamp be cleared



Rules on engagement – connect the dots.

Rules on engagement – connect the dots – came about from wanting to know how and why certain things were happening now – how did he – no names – as it is not relevant to the issue – to get away with blatant fraud and treason – over several years without having been called out by ethics committees or media.

It was a frustrating search to connect the dots – as it is happening all over the world – it is past and present – it is pervasive and destructive on societies and cultures.

It will also be the future.

When one lives outside a town – city – a country – a different perspective of that place that you just left becomes more transparent – more open – and then reality sets in – all is not as you once thought it was.

It is a natural progression – when one is not subject to the rules of ‘political correctness’ – mainstream media – and minority groups – which seem to control the political left – and have an impact on the so-called right political parties – the press and policy makers.

Politicians are fully aware as to the realities – as to each other – each politicians dirty little habits – but each keep quiet about these – yes the ability to seek favors when it is necessary – then those that control the media – and the so called ‘elite’ that have too much money – and little to do with their spare time – but to change the way of the world – to their thinking and resolve.

If I said that incest was legal – as too bestiality – in certain Western European countries – would you believe me?

Well – how about Nobel Laureates – being involved with organ harvesting – or for that matter the mere fact that one can buy a a Nobel prize.

That the current definition of marriage between a man and women – can and will be changed to a ‘person and a person’….

Viruses are genetically manipulated to spread from animals to humans – and the vaccines – that are available – are purposefully withheld until it is profitable to distribute.

Vaccines themselves are used as a bio-logical weapon – and the so called anti-vaxxers are ridiculed.

Then if one looks at ‘climate change’ – the deniers who do not enter this religion are pillared by all.

It is the narrative – it is the conditioning – and I invite readers to at least connect the dots – on everything espoused by the politicians and media – oligarchs and the non-government organizations they control – for so called philanthropist activities.

If you do not want to think of the unthinkable – then stop reading – you are conditioned and anything that I write will be treated as a waste of your time.

Those that question the political correct dialogue on immigration – are subject to the racism tag – no discussions to be entered into – those that questions gay and lesbian rights are labeled – homophobic and insensitive – even to the point one questions the ‘christian’ laws of marriage between a man and a women – these laws will be changed to a person and a person – you no longer will be a man or a woman in the legal sense.

Then we look at incest – sodomy to – pedophilia – to bestiality – and please note ‘incest’ and ‘beastiality’ is actually permitted – under law in Western Europe – and if you doubt this – go look it up for Sweden and Denmark respectively.

It may come as a shock to some people that consensual incest between brother and sister is frowned upon – but not prohibited in France.

Organ harvesting from the killing fields in Kosovo – and Syria to name a few war torn countries – to child trafficking in South America and South Africa – and now pedophilia rings are all being discovered in Denmark – Haiti – Syria – Yemen.

Vaccines I will comment on a future blog – needless to say the information that is available is a damning inditement on western politicians – the intelligence agencies – Centre For Disease Control – Bill Gates – and the media – as to how a tuberculosis vaccine – introduced to Russia after perestroika – increased disease rates significantly – and for now Russia has the highest rate of tuberculosis in the world.

Man made viruses released into communities – vaccines withheld – and now being brought to light by the Chinese authorities – connect the dots on the ‘bird flu’ virus.

If a politician – or an individual wants to start a color revolution – there is a guide – showing 160 step process to get this done – if they then seek to legalize the unthinkable – the insane – the ridiculous – whether this be cannibalism to pedophilia – there is a guide written to do exactly that.

To summarize the steps, they are:

The Unthinkable
The Radical
The Acceptable
The Sensible
The Popular

In today’s society of tolerance – which has no fixed ideals and a clear division between good and evil – there is a technique that allows one to adopt societal concepts and morals that are considered totally unacceptable.

This technique – is called the ‘Overton Window’ – which consists of a specific sequence of actions designed to achieve the desired change in society – and “may be more effective than nuclear weapons to destroy human communities” says columnist Evgueni Gorzhaltsán (1)

In his article in the ADME website (2) there is “an example of how to convert opinion about unacceptable ideas – like the legalizing of cannibalism – step by step – from the stage at which it is considered disgusting and unthinkable into something morally sympathisable – and finally until it is acceptable to mass consciousness and the law.

This is achieved not by direct brainwashing – but by more sophisticated techniques that are applied consistently and systematically without society perceiving the process.

First stage: from the unthinkable to the radical

Obviously – today the issue of legalization of cannibalism is on the lower level of acceptance in the ‘window of opportunities’ of Overton – since society considers it as absurd and unthinkable – a taboo.

It is possible to change this perception by transferring the matter to the scientific sphere – since for scientists usually there is no taboo subject.

An ethnological symposium about exotic rituals of Polynesian tribes can be used to discuss the history of the subject of study and obtain authoritative statements about cannibalism – and thus ensure the transition of the subject from being an uncompromising issue for society to one that elicits a less negative response.

Simultaneously – a radical group of cannibals must be created – which can easily exist on the Internet – and which can be cited by numerous media outlets.

As a result, the taboo disappears and the unacceptable issue begins to be discussed — albeit for now – as something “radical”.

Second stage: from the radical to the acceptable

At this stage -one should continue quoting scientists – arguing that people cannot shield themselves from knowledge about cannibalism – since the refusal to talk about it will be considered as intolerance or bigotry.

By condemning the intolerance – it is also necessary to create a euphemism for the phenomenon itself and thus separate the word from its meaning.

Therefore, cannibalism may become, ‘anthropophagy’ – and later still an even more euphemistic ‘anthropophilia’.

In parallel – one can establish a precedent of reference – historical – mythological – contemporary or simply invented by Hollywood as the antithesis of the movie ‘Soylent Green’.

The key here is for the precedent to be legitimized – so it can be used as proof of anthropophilia.

Third stage: from the acceptable to the reasonable

For this step it is important to promote ideas such as the following: “the desire to eat people are genetically justified” – “sometimes a person has to resort to this – if in favorable circumstances” or “a free man has the right to decide what to eat.”

Real opponents to these concepts – that is to say those people who do not want to be indifferent to the problem – are deliberately converted – via mass disinformation – into radicals or fundamentalists – whose role is to represent the image of crazy psychopaths and aggressive opponents of anthropophilia – clamoring to burn cannibals alive along with other representatives of minorities.

Experts and journalists show that during a certain stage of human history – there have been times when people ate each other – and that this was normal .

Fourth stage: from the reasonable to the popular

The media – with the help of well-known people and politicians would be talking openly about anthropophilia.

This phenomenon begins to appear in movies – lyrics of popular songs and videos.

At this stage begins the promotion of historical figures who “practiced” anthropophilia.

To justify the legalization of the phenomenon, one may witness the humanization of former criminals – cannibals – by creating a positive image of them by saying – for example – that they were victims – because life forced them to practice anthropophilia.

Fifth stage: from the popular to the political

This stage is the preparation of legislation to legalize the phenomenon.

Pressure groups are consolidated in power and publish research that supposedly confirm a high percentage of supporters of the legalization of cannibalism in society.

In the public consciousness cannibalism is a new dogma: “The prohibiting of eating people is forbidden.”

Now seasoned politicians are fully aware of the Overton Window – they utilize this method in the election process and marketing to the masses.

Now let us replace cannibalism with any of the following – sodomy – to equal rights for gays and lesbians – climate change being of anthropological design – open societies and no borders for all of mankind – Islam is a religion of peace – farming of human organs during war is necessary for thousands that need these body parts – vaccines need to be tested on new strains of genetically modified viruses – dumbing down educational standards to keep universities prosperous – to allow the masses to borrow monies as usury is no longer a crime – dispense with legislation that controls banks, as banks do gods work – free health care for the masses.

1. Russian – yes he studied the effect of what was being implemented by politicians in western societies and took Professor Overton’s simplistic approach and expanded the technique – as used in modern western societies to manipulate an outcome.



Trump follows Rule of Law – and about bl@@dy time.

Arrest warrants issued – first call head of American NBC – the head of which – just decided to fly to Europe – insider information maybe?

All major news networks and journalists are getting a visit from the FBI.

And about bloody time – they have had warnings – but they are no doubt on a different planet when it comes to journalism.

Pity this did not extend through to every global news outlet – including the socialist BBC and Aunty.

It amazed me that during the Obama presidency that mainstream media ignored the blatant lies and corruption – the incessant abuse of the Rule of Law – by Obama – Clinton – Rice – and each Obama appointee from the head of the SEC – to the Dept of Justice.


A canary was leaked – and one thanks General Flynn for the sting – the canary trap scored big time – CIA plus a number of major news outlets.

Now it is up to the FBI.

Trump taking a break to Florida – while full search warrants and arrests are being made.

Hopefully now some decent bloody reporting.

And that Rule of Law – for those reporters who violate 18 § 798 of the U.S. Code: Disclosure Of Classified Information.

 “Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates … or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes … any classified information … obtained by the processes of communication intelligence from the communications of any foreign government … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”



Russian Roulette – Trump TrumpD

Well what can one say.

Trump is being TrumpD.


Trumps temporary ban on immigration for citizens of  7 countries – identified by Congress as terrorist countries – listed and temporarily banned previously by Obama -was overturned by the three judges of the 9th Circuit Court – which gives non-citizens of the United States basic rights to enter the U.S. 

Well it has started – there is no rule of law in the United States – these three Obama appointed judges ignored the written law – and applied their own terminology on the constitution.

Then Flynn is ousted – Trumps trusted right hand man.(1)

The swamp is restless – muting Trump  – using paranoia as a tool to ensure the swamp remains intact.

Goldman Sachs now entrenched in key financial positions – Mnuchin now feeding information through to his previous employer – so we all are aware a March interest rate rise is on the cards – result being an increase in the value of the USD – sale of U.S. Treasuries.

Nothing Trump can do – all Obama appointees well entrenched and not only is the White House leaking like a holy canoe – the canoe – with Trump in it – is in the middle of the swamp.

Everything building up to impeachment.

1. http://freebeacon.com/national-security/former-obama-officials-loyalists-waged-campaign-oust-flynn/

Finally Yellen – The U.S. Fed – put on notice.


For regular readers you would be aware of my disgust in the manner the U.S. Federal Reserve has been politicized – both Obama and Le Garde (IMF) – have had an obvious influence on the policies of The Fed – to maintain low interest rates – to the detriment of the U.S. economy.

The low interest rates have crippled savers – public and private pension funds – and assisted in increasing the global debt burden.

A bubble of unsustainable debt – supported by low interest rate regime – which will burst – and drive the world economy into the abyss.


The global economy is a balance sheet – for every debit there is an equal and corresponding credit – extending this – for every weak currency and economy there will always be a benefactor.

Yellen – The Federal Reserve Chair – chose to support this stupidity from the outset – there was a ‘window’ to increase rates in September 2015 – this was ignored – decreasing the value of the U.S. currency – forcing a continuation of a currency wars – as other Central Banks attempted to counter a decrease in trade.

Now we have Senator McHenry (Republican) – has taken Yellen to task – and full transcript of his letter to The Fed is available to be read here (1).

It is his conclusion that should remind the Fed of their purpose:-

“it is incumbent upon all regulators to support the U.S. economy, and scrutinize international agreements that are killing American jobs. Accordingly, the Federal Reserve must cease all attempts to negotiate binding standards burdening American business until President Trump has had an opportunity to nominate and appoint officials that prioritize America’s best interests.”

The principle role of the U.S. Federal Reserve is to support the U.S. economy – that has not been done for the past ten years.

Wonder whether a few Republican Senators have grown a couple – since Trump has taken over?

Then again will the global central banks be able to wean their countries off the debt laden experiment?


Me thinks not – once interest rates rise – the affordable becomes the unaffordable – then a global depression and austerity programs will come to the fore.

Cannot postpone the inevitable forever – interest rates will normalize – at a great cost to humanity.

1. https://www.scribd.com/mobile/document/338242069/McHenry-Letter-to-Yellen?skip_app_promo=true

Turnbull TrumpD

Amazes me that one Malcolm Turnbull would have negotiated a deal with Obama – on immigrants – after Trump won the election.

No – Turnbull was aware that Obama was creating problems for the incumbent President – and took the bait to set the new Administration up – with an exchange of immigrants.

Meet Obama’s new policies of creating disruptions and hurdles for Trump – instead of allowing a smooth transition.

Take note if you will the terms of trade of the Manus Island illegal immigrants – 1554 of these ‘unidentifiable’ Muslims are to be exchanged for 2,800 illegal ‘unidentifiable’ South American immigrants.(**)

Get that?

Really a dumb deal – but the mainstream media and Turnbull did not fully explain the transfer of 2,800 ‘unidentifiable’ South American immigrants – unverifiable people.

How is this fair?

So Trump is suspicious – and calls the Obama – Turnbull agreement – a dumb deal.


So call a spade a spade – it is a dumb deal.

When I first heard all details of this transfer – it was WTF – political expediency at its best – political point scoring by Turnbull and a political minefield for Trump.

Then again what do you expect from a left leaning weasel – corrupt and this fully explained and highlighted in one of my initial posts – Turnbull – A Prick and a Turd.


(**) The numbers extracted from memory – but they are within the ballpark – as having severe issues with WordPress – once I start typing – cannot leave – system goes so slow impossible to finish a post – or upload images. Plus cannot edit – have to wait 30 seconds every 1 minute – for screen to refresh.