Soros – global puppet master

Soros is Hillary’s puppet master

Well not to be outdone – Wikileaks has now leaked emails linking them both. (1)

The e-mail was sent from Soros’ aide to Richard Verma – then the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs who forwarded it to several of Clinton’s top aides including Huma Abedin – Jacob Sullivan – and one Philip Gordon.

Sullivan was the one that forwarded it to Clinton.

Only three days after Clinton received the e-mail from Soros – the EU ended up sending Soros’ suggested nominee Lajcak to mediate the civil unrest – via BBC. (2)



Footnote – it was commented to me that Obama’s support of Clinton is no different than Putin’s support of Medvedov – I was taken aback and said in which way?

Putin had to campaign hard to get Medvedov in the spotlight – not liked in the party and basically unknown amongst the majority of Russians – in so doing – Putin cancelled important events and personal time to get the oligarchs involved.

This is no different than Obama’s support of Clinton – especially in light of cancelling his Hawaii golf trip to get the party faithful to acquire tickets to a $33,000 per head fundraiser.

Clinton obviously could not sell the seats by herself – wonder whether Soros will turn up?


Carpetbagger – Pure Evil – Hacked

Seems that George Soros is now public enemy Number One.

The joy – not – but will have a good read.

Definitely not for the brainwashed.



Edit: August 16th

Okay – wow – simply amazing.

These documents are brilliant – regret not answering emails as I have been totally immersed within these ‘hacked documents’ – Soros is truly one mean greedy s.o.b. and the U.S.  Government – licks this blokes ass!

Policy of one George Soros – let EU – NATO with the assistance of the US – bloody Russia’s nose in Ukraine – whilst he ‘carpet bags’ the assets.

And I do love this comment people’s…

“Europe needs to wake up and recognize that it is attacking Russia. Help Ukraine is also regarded as an expense of the EU in defense. In this context, is discussed amounts are insignificant.”

The U.S. Administration certainly has taken drastic action to make the U.S. and Russian relationship far worse than one would anticipate – this Soros has some political clout.

I invite readers to look at the minutes of the meeting March 2014 – between Soros – U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt – along with leadership members of the Ukrainian regime.

Take all this into context of what actually transpired – and one Victoria Nulands input into the Ukraine leadership – yes with those famous words “….fuck the E.U.”


Extracts are from Scribd.

Documents reviewed – full listing of other documents is listed at the bottom of the Scribd page.


By the way – this cartoon says it all.

Now he is backing Clinton Cankels.

And I leave you with this quote from Georgie Boy.







Australia – the paper pussy


Australia has been warned.

Australia – Chinese relationship – being strained by pointless comments from the powers that be – in Canberra – fueled further by Australia’s media.

Australia is a vassal state to the United States – a situation developed for a number of reasons after the Second World War – principally due to security.

The area of contention is the Spratly islands in the South China Sea – the U.S. is supporting Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. The problem with the area is the apparent huge reserves of oil and gas – China seeks these reserves as does the other countries in the region.


Bear in mind that Australia has no territorial claims in the South China Sea – but has nevertheless opened their mouth – calling on China to recognize the International Court of Arbitration’s ruling on the area.

While the International Court of Arbitration ruled against China’s claims – Beijing does not recognize the decision as legitimate and are relying on historical significance – since 200BC mind you – a ‘nine dash’ map marking – that was proposed well before the Second World War – an area that included all the islands in the South China Sea.

This being before the ‘carve up’ made by western nations through the United Nations on territorial waters – imposed after the Second World War.

The US and its Pacific allies have expressed opposition to China’s construction of a series of artificial islands – claiming Beijing is attempting to establish an air defense zone.

Meanwhile – China maintains it has every right to build ‘within its own territory’ and that the islands will be used primarily for civilian purposes.

Now why would Australia – poke the Panda – when they have no claim?

One wonders why they do not keep their mouth shut – and mind their own business.

No – the powers that be decided to instigate the mouthing off process to China – which they then earned the rebuke in an Op Ed in the Chinese Global Times – for the Australian Government – ‘to mind its own business’ – ‘Australia is not even a paper tiger – it is a paper cat’ – or words to that effect.

“Australia’s power means nothing compared to the security of China. If Australia steps into the South China Sea waters, it will be an ideal target for China to warn and strike.”

Message received Canberra?

No – appears not – as now it is reported – through Fairfax Media – that Australia may commit assets to assist the U.S. in monitoring the joint Chinese – Russian war games in the area – and yes – war games are regularly held between China and Russia – it is basically an annual event.


So there we have it – a lovely state of affairs – Australian economic interests may suffer through the meddling in these matters – and one would be fully aware that the U.S. has the technology and is quite capable in monitoring these ‘war games’ – without the assistance of the vassal state of Australia.

And now China has placed their military, police and civilians on a war footing – sabre rattling?

In a prior blog on this site – I stated that the whole situation of the Spratly islands was a ‘bad joke’ for President Xi Jinping – in that the initial action on these islands – after his appointment – was to appease his opponents.

I stated that it was probable – that they would cease and desist after the international courts decision was handed down.

Appears that this ‘bad joke’ is escalating – and one thing that the Chinese do best is ‘saving face’.


The “CULT OF FACE” is an idiosyncrasy of Chinese culture – the concept of “Face” is perhaps most difficult for Westerners to fully grasp.

Take notice Australia – and the United Stares and other allies – the most important concept in understanding the Chinese mind is the strong motivating force of “saving face”.

And for the record – from The Diplomat magazine:-

China highly appreciates Russia’s stance on the territorial disputes in the South China Sea outlined by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in his interview to the Chinese, Mongolian and Japanese media ahead of Lavrov’s visit to these countries, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said on Wednesday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov earlier said concerning the South China Sea issue that it is necessary “to stop any interference in the talks between the parties directly involved (in them) and attempts to internationalize these disputes.”

Seems that Russia’s knows how to play chess – and yes in the process – they do support their ally Vietnam – donating four old warships to boost the Vietnamese navy presence in the South China Sea.