As Christmas only comes once a year – so should Yellen.

I have gradually absorbed Yellen’s comments from the Federal Reserve Meeting held earlier this month.

Have checked the figures – looked at the options and watched the bond performance.

Interesting state of affairs – in Japan – yield curve is flattening – so expected nothing more from Kuroda – Yen will advance against the US Dollar in the meantime.

Amazed that the economic history is written on Japan – and no one from the US Federal Reserve look at the consequences over the past 25 years.

Yellen in her wisdom though – has indicated rates will rise this year – yes so I expect Mother Christmas to raise the interest rates by 0.25 percent in December 2016.



This was most probably a ‘political inspiration story’ from Yellen – to offset the flak received when Trump when he stated that the US Federal Reserve was politically motivated – holding interest rates near zero.

Never mind US Bonds have peaked – so the indicators point to the fact that someone believes that the Christmas rate hike is a certainty.


Chart courtesy of Bloomberg


Then again – who believes in Santa Claus?


Syria – what the U.S.A. wants – the U.S.A. gets.


My final words on the U.S. of A. – the global wankers and warmongers – and their actual intent in Syria.

The link through Judicial Watch below – is to a now declassified – 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document.

Please refer to ‘page 291’ – section C – which reads verbatim:-


Supporting powers – Saudi Arabia – Qatar – United Arab Emirates.


Now one is aware of the human rights of the Saudi Wahhabism. Salafist jihadism – which includes the U.S. backed ‘rebels’ in Syria.

I.S.I.S. basically is based on Wahhabism.

Salafist jihadism is nothing more than a modern expression of the perceptions, standards and methods proposed by the original Wahhabism as shown in its founding texts and the formulations of Abd Al-Wahhab, as well as the explanations of his children, grandchildren and Najdi scholars and preachers. The Salafist jihadis seem to be committed to the fundamentals of the Wahhabi mission on all levels.

In my last post a comment was raised that I have a ‘bent’ for Russia – Putin.

Regret to inform you all – that I do not – it is just that the Western leaders make Putin look bloody good – in everything – due to their incompetence and treachery to their own States.

And hat tip to Pierre’ – in this prime example of lies, more lies and damned lies by the United States leaders – British leaders and both administrations on Libya.

The report – link below -found that the Libyan war was based on lies – that this Libyan war – initiated by the United States – and wholly supported by Great Britain – destroyed the country – and that it spread terrorism far and wide.

An in-depth profile of all the bullshit surrounding American and British involvement is in the Zero Hedge posting. (**)


Interesting reading and so similar to the situation in Syria – it is scary – for the simple reason Russia is involved in protecting their interests.

And on that note – Margo Asquith – Duchess of Oxford – Author.


English translation – “What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it.”



Edit: This edit some 5 hours after posting original piece on this blog. An important development…

Sometimes the U.S. Gets more than they bargained for. Popcorn and soda will be required to watch all western news media to verify this state of affairs.

“Russian state media reported that Israeli Mossad agents and other foreign military officers were killed in Aleppo on Tuesday in a Russian missile strike.

According to the Arabic-language version of Russia’s Sputnik news agency, some “30 Israeli and Western officers” died when they were hit by three Kalibr cruise missiles fired by Russian warships in a “foreign officers’ coordination operations room” in western Aleppo, near Mount Simeon.

In addition to the Mossad agents, the Russian report claimed, military officials from the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey — virtually every country hated by Iran, Syria and Russia — were killed in the strike, according to “battlefield sources.”

The foreign officers were “directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib,” the Iranian Fars news reported, referring to the rebel groups that control the Syrian cities.

The Israeli government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.…”

No wonder Obama and Kerry pissed – more finger pointing at the Russians no doubt.


Russia proved their point – now what did you expect Syria to do?

Honestly – What did you expect Syria to do?

The Syrian army command declared the end of the nationwide ceasefire in Syria.

In a statement released by SANA, it emphasized that “armed terrorist groups took advantage of the declared ceasefire” in order to regroup and mobilize forces.

Now, the terrorists are aimed to launch attacks on “residential areas” and the government forces positions in several regions, including Aleppo. The ceasefire regime collapsed.

The attack by coalition warplanes on the established Syrian Army base – discussed in the prior blog entry – is actually the second ‘error’ by the U.S. Air Force and their coalition.

Yes second – it seems that the U.S. Military Command – CentComm are making their intentions known – on December 6, 2015 – four coalition warplanes hit the Syrian army’s field camp outside Deir Ezzor prior to the ISIS advance in the area.


Sound familiar?

It was the Russian initiative to have a ceasefire – the Russian initiative to have the U.S. enter the joint plan to undertake planned bombings against the terrorist cell ISIS.

The area is basically being maintained by the Syrians – Russians and Iranians – the so called U.S. Air Force coalition – involving U.S. – Australia – Britain – Denmark Air Force planes – seemingly have no intelligence – cannot read satellite reports and are intent on destroying the Assad regime – without actually admitting such.

This is now in the mainstream media – and one Samantha Powers – the U.S. delegate at the United Nations – is somewhat miffed that Russia would propose another U.N. resolution against the United States.

The last U.N. Resolution passed – being that the United States cease and desist in bombing hospitals.

Russia is fully aware – that this is the only way to display the true intentions of the United States regime – and take on the might of the mainstream media’s refusal to print the truth.



As a side note – the ceasefire has ended – a matter of time now for the airspace to be closed to the U.S. coalition aircraft – so it is with great pleasure that I outline one Samantha Powers – the United Nations representative of the American people in the United Nations.


Well not by me by Stephen Lendman

She’s Obama’s neocon UN envoy, a despicable character, complicit in his high crimes by outrageously supporting them.

Edward Herman once called her a member of “the cruise missile left.” She glorifies US-sponsored genocides outrageously called humanitarian interventions, ignoring or shamelessly justifying Washington’s sordid record of repeated supreme crimes against peace.

She disgraces the office she holds, part of Obama’s permanent war criminal cabal. Her notion of responsibility to protect is mass slaughter and destruction to advance America’s imperium.

Responding to Russia’s calling an emergency Saturday Security Council session to address US naked aggression against Syrian forces earlier in the day, flagrantly breaching Geneva ceasefire terms, she shamelessly changed the subject, turned truth on its head, bashed Russia’s “uniquely hypocritical and cynical” attempt to make her explain her government’s lawless aggression.

“Why are we having this meeting tonight,” she asked? “It is a diversion from what is happening on the ground. If you don’t like what is happening on the ground then you distract.”

“It is a magician’s trick…(W)e encourage the Russian Federation to have emergency meetings with the Assad regime and deliver them to this deal.”

“What Russia is alleging tonight is that somehow the United States is undermining the fighting against ISIL. The Russian spokesperson even said that the United States might be complicit in this attack.”


The full story of Powers lies laid bare are on Paul Craig Roberts blog.

Checkmate Putin……

Checkmate Putin Indeed.

In Summary – Russia and the U.S. form an alliance – initiated by Russia – and the U.S. military complex takes full advantage and decides to bomb Syrian government’s military positions to allow ISIS to advance in a vital region.

Killing at least 62 Syrian soldiers – the U.S. says it was a ‘mistake’ – this with four aircraft and one drone with the ‘state of the art’ electronic identification systems plus satellite data pinpointing Syrian Army positions.

Note please that the Syrian position was a secured fixed position – a collection of guns with two hundred odd soldiers atop a hill guarding the airfield – uniformed soldiers who sure don’t look like ISIS position.

For the U.S. – it is very difficult to argue that it was in the heat of the moment – as with the Afghanistan hospital attack – or the wrong co-ordinates mistake – as with the Syrian hospital.

Checkmate to Putin.

The world media cannot ignore this gross violation.

Well – one presumes that they cannot – Russia has taken the blame for the Syrian hospital destruction – even though undertaken by the U.S. Air Force out of their Turkish air base.


So in detail – why checkmate.

The kleptocrat President Putin has been in the firing line for everything lately – hacking the Democrats data base – and other databases around the world – apparently poisoning Hillary Clinton – invoking a war standing against NATO – and the list goes on.

Well how does Russia and in particular Putin handle the situation – where the western mainstream media continue their never ending rant against the old Cold War enemy – if not Obama or Clinton pointing the finger it is NATO’s relentless saber rattling.

Does the phrase ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ ring a bell?

I see a checkmate – Obama and CentCom lose to Putin.

Chess is a good game – in Politics – one should understand chess – and in Informal Politics – which is understood as forming alliances – exercising power and protecting and advancing particular ideas or goals – one should be an astute chess player.

No better example of this when Putin and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov negotiated with the U.S. Secretary of State – John Kerry – and this approved through the White House – that both Russia and the U.S. air forces would jointly target terrorist groups in Syria in which:-

1. Both parties would know what each other was doing – avoid conflict.
2. Terrorists targeted would be jointly approved – but designated as ISIS for the sake of no misunderstanding.
3. Both parties could avoid the ‘good guys’ – a ‘mute’ point as the U.S. supports their trained terrorist groups and the Russians support the democratic Syrian government.


So as in chess – Russia offered a pseudo sacrifice – basically allying with their nemesis the U.S. – and in the process sacrificed their and Syria’s military blueprints – offensive tactics against the terrorists.

My thoughts on the sheer arrogance of the U.S. has been detailed on this blog previously – war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Syria – whereby the U.S. Air Force has been responsible for bombing hospitals – killing innocent civilians and doctors – it was Russia who sought and obtained from the United Nations a resolution – that the U.S. cease and desist this practice.

Then in Syria – the U.S. supporting weapon deliveries and supplies to the so called U.S. trained terrorists – who just so happen are fighting the Syrian Army.

If one looks at the U.S. use of drones throughout the Middle East – to kill civilians en-masse – and it is only brought to the public’s attention when an ally civilian is killed – at a cost to the U.S. by the way – the latest being US$1 billion paid in compensation to the family of an innocent victim.

So whilst I dislike Putin – I tend to despise the U.S. Government and military complex and in particular the President – yes – it is he that is ultimately responsible.

With the latest U.S. Air Force foray in Syria – it is their first Combat Air Strike operation in partnership with Russia – for all intents and purposes against ISIS – or was it?

Bear in mind the Syrian position that was bombed is large – compared to terrorists targets – Syrian Army artillery base – which has been in position since the end of June this year.

It is – or should I say was – located strategically on the top of a hill overlooking and protecting the airfield that aid is parachuted into for the nearby besieged town and had in position a collection of fixed armaments and up to 299 Syrian army soldiers.

Something one could not miss from the U.S. reconnaissance aircraft – nor satellite.

The U.S. Air Force attacked the location – four planes assisted by a drone – and no – the Syrian army did not fight back – obviously aware that the U.S. are their new allies.

Simply amazing though was that ISIS were in a position to attack the Syrian base immediately after the bombing finished.

Russia has advised that with the large number of dead – damage done and the area now secured by ISIS – they are having a real problem stopping the Syrian Government from taking revenge against the United States.

So checkmate to Russia – to Putin.

The U.S. and in particular CentCom are either idiots or fools – dumb enough to openly show their true colors – not only to the Syrian regime – but to the world.


Russia – just had to report the truth – if revenge is on the Syrian regimes mind will that trigger WWIII ?