I took the red pill – Update

Well the rabbit holes are deep and the tentacles stretch across the globe.

The citizens research – of the extent and depth of corruption in the U.S. Government – the Intelligence agencies – Politicians – and retired Politicians – plus links to the Carlyle Group (ex -Presidents Club) – is enormous and growing day by day.

It is a tangled and complex web and all data files – are based on facts – through the contributors external research and documentation.

The original investigation was to locate one Eric Braverman – in following all the leads – it has led to an intriguing look at the U.S. and Pakistani intelligence services – and the Democratic Party – the Clinton Foundation – and a trail of organ harvesting – vaccination trials – child trafficking – you name it – it is there – extending from Hillary Clinton’s initial exposure with Albright in Bosnia through to Syria and Haiti today…..


Obamagate – No kidding Sherlock Nap! – Update

I received a few emails on the GCHQ Рthe U.K. spying on Trump Рfor Obama Рthis route to gain information on Trump and his allies Рas any allegations Рcan be easily dismissed by Obama Рto maintain the media image that he is still lily white Рthe Teflon Man.

Aware that GCHQ – the U.K. – has flatly denied this – but then why wouldn’t they? – as this is the standard operational procedures of any secret service intelligence gathering organization.

If one cares to remember back to 1999 – refresh your memory on the Five Eyes operation – illegal meta data collection undertaken by – U.K. – Canada – Australia – and New Zealand – for and on behalf of the U.S. – yes illegal spying for each other known as Project Echelon.

I stand by my comments – and request that readers open their eyes and minds – plus do not use ‘google search engine’ – try DuckDuckGo – far greater unfiltered articles.

Google is an extension of the U.S. intelligence agencies – and data mining is useless due to the filters that they themselves put on available content.

Now – being aware of that DuckDuckGo – Project Carnivore.

That is the re-emerged Project Echelon – which was closed down in 1999 due to certain media organizations becoming aware of what was happening.

Under the Project Carnivore arrangement – 1,200 U.K. agents in a building in the U.S. – could do keyword searches and intercepts – with the Five Eyes arrangement – that if any ‘incidental information on U.S. citizens’ was discovered – it could be passed on to the US intelligence community.

The U.S. had similar outposts in the U.K. – this totally bypassed the restrictions passed after the Church Committee hearings – FISA court warrants – and laws prohibiting the spy agencies “spying on American citizens”.

There is no paper trail – there never will be – as the intelligence agencies within the Five Eyes Carnivore program can – and do – swap all information pertinent to each country.


This is confirmation that the Obama Administration was spying on Trump – why is this former assistant Defense Secretary not charged – she admits to the crime on national television?

Trump – TrumpD?

Now Trunp is standing like a ‘shag on a rock’ – fully exposed – with no support whatsoever – as the duly elected President of the United States.


He has all alone!

The Intelligence Agencies in the Five Eye countries are corrupt – as to their loyalties – they refuse point blank to assist the Trump Administration – they only appear to show their allegiance to the socialist – corrupt – neoconservative Deep State.

And no – this is not a conspiracy theory – just look at the facts of what has transpired recently – the Chairman of the Congressional Investigation Committee (Nunes – Rep) attended the White House to view ‘confidential data’ – pertinent to the ‘wiretapping’ allegations – in a secured facility room.

This information is available to both democrats and republicans to view – the Gang of Eight from the oversight committee – four politicians from each party – in both houses – congress (4) and the senate (4).


Now who outside of Nunes took the option to view this data?


Not one person authorized to view this information – bothered to do so!


All of the U.S. politicians are corrupt – they all are standing back to allow Nunes to take all of the bad publicity courtesy of the mainstream media – and thereafter to stand down – thereby allowing one of ‘their’ own to take the role of Chairperson – Barr.

Is this the Deep State?

This is not two different political parties – this is both houses – operating in concert – to destroy Trump – the President of the United States of America.

So whom are the actual puppeteers?

Who is the Deep State – that can control and corrupt politicians – administrations and media?

And then – who comes out of the woodwork to stake her claim – as the anointed one – to bash Trump and his loyal staff? – if this is not an orchestrated attack on Trump by the ‘Deep State’ then the coincidences are incredible.


Prior article: https://millermatters.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/obamagate-no-kidding-sherlock-nap/

Note: I am having severe problems posting articles on WordPress – drafts are disappearing – photographs and graphs deleted – after uploading.

The system now refuses to ‘save’ my work. So – excuse gramar – errors – will attemp to post this now – hehe – keeping my fingers crossed.

Creation and Destruction if two bodies of differing charges approach one another – boom!

When I was young – it was wonderful – a learning experience – I will always remember the Science Master – at the high school that I attended – was praising the energy of the Universe.

“There is an incredible potential for creation and destruction if bodies of differing charges approach – one another.”

I changed schools – not by choice – and it seems since that day the science is a tad muddled – just a tad.

Keep an open mind – it is good for one’s mental health.




U.S. Fed increases interest rates – due to the Trump factor?

Stunningly obvious – or obviously stunning – take your pick – personally I take the ‘stunningly obvious’ reason – as to why the U.S. Federal Reserve increased the interest rates by 0.25 percent.

In the press interview after the Fed decision – Blomberg correspondent asked of Janet Yellen the stunningly obvious question – as to what has changed between January 2017 to March 2017 that merits an interest rate increase – because ‘technically’ nothing has changed – or words to that effect.

Ms Yellen’s reply:-

So GDP is a pretty noisy indicator……. (Pregnant Pause for effect)…….If one averages through several quarters, I would describe our economy as one that has been growing around two percent per year. And as you can see from our projections, we — that’s something we expect to continue over the next couple of years.

Well stunningly obvious that was pure bullshit – not based on hard facts – but on ‘assumptions’.

In other words Janet Yellen was acknowledging the Trump Effect – under Obama nothing really happened that much – boring economic growth akin to watching fresh paint dry on the wall – but Trump – now that is something entirely different – Trump used ‘Jet Dry’ paint – and is already on his second coat – so we must tighten now – not in the future – we do not want to be accused of creating a stock market bubble.


Well what else could it be?

Seems rather odd that nothing changes that much in an economic sense – and since Trump has won the Presidency – we have had two rate hikes.

Or does it?

Is Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve Governors watching the stock market – tightening now to avoid a bubble? – or is it just the mere fact that one Donald Trump is the President.

Well stunningly obvious that it can only be the Stock Market – right?

Right – now watch for a correction in all stock markets over the coming months.