Israel – to all those Jew haters out there that support Palestinians and therefore terrorism – get a life.

From an Israeli News site

“An Iranian group said it will pay a $100,000 reward to anyone who destroys the newly transferred American Embassy in Jerusalem.

The US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel officially opened yesterday. Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the Embassy, calling it a “settlement”. The Arab League will hold emergency talks tomorrow to discuss what it called Washington’s “illegal” decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”

This is not propaganda – this is fact.

These ten dead ‘civilians’ – as reported by mainstream media – are in fact terrorists.

If you don’t want to open your eyes then – so be it.

These idiots wore masks so that they couldn’t be identified – really stupid move – someone identified them to the Israeli snipers.

Needless to say Iran intent on the last hurrah before regime change.

Israeli defense Forces prepared well for this attack.

So they are killing terrorists but mainstream media enjoy photographing the Palestinians Scenario of apparent victims.

Take a very close look at these victims – published by mainstream media.

I am not going to show them here as you can judge for yourself.

Look at each not with rose coloured glasses but just think for a moment – blood?


Pain in those pictures?

Let me introduce you to a commander of Hamas – yes a terrorist commander.

Now who do you think is following this leader.

One guess?

Fares Askram and Josef Federman

Associated Press

In a jarring contrast, Israeli forces shot and killed 57 Palestinians and injured more than 2,700 during mass protests Monday along the Gaza border, while just a few miles away Israel and the U.S. held a festive inauguration ceremony for the new American Embassy in contested Jerusalem.

In addition, a baby died from tear gas inhalation, the Gaza Health Ministry said, bringing the overall death toll to 58.”

Now one would think that all of the casualties are from these attacks and Israeli bullets would be needing hospital care – yes?

No – picture from Al Jazeera.

With (Edit – 150 ambulances and around 345 paramedics) – give or take a few – and one would think that the hospitals were overwhelmed – obviously not.

The IDF snipers are or must be very good – nobody in hospital.

Then this – not on YouTube but Twitter.

So you think all is real from mainstream media?

This is real.

Palestinian flags draped over the martyrs.

All a sham Palestinian Hollywood production on casualties – the 37 odd deaths are real – this dog and pony show produced for mainstream media – to influence idiots who cannot undertake a bit of critical thinking.

The terrorists using military deception to kill Israelis.

(From Reuters) – The U.S. State Department said on Wednesday it had designated Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Islamist Palestinian group Hamas, as a terrorist.

The State Department said in a statement that Haniyeh, along with two Islamist groups active in Egypt and one in the Palestinian territories, were listed as specially designated global terrorists.

My question is – why did not the Obama Administration classify these jerks as terrorists?

The same applies to the Muslim Brotherhood.

These are pertinent questions – why?

My guess – which I have posted previously – is that Obama may have been blackmailed by the Iranian mullahs – John Kerry ably assisted in this coverup – to prevent news coming forward that the Iranians had U.S. processed plutonium – from the Uranium One sale to Russia – arranged by Clinton and ably supported by Obama.

Was this an arranged wedding?

Sorry could not resist – all part of the plot.

Obviously if you do not believe me – you should do your own research on Israel – from the beginning – and if you don’t – you are ignorant and an idiot.

Stay that way.

Update: 16th May 2018

Self explanatory from the Israel Times.

Addendum: This is what war wounded look like – courtesy of the Foreign Minister of Iran – yes John Kerry’s friend – on a twitter stating that is was Hamas injured at Israel.

As the peaceful demonstrations in #Kazerun last night were severely suppressed by the Islamic Republic and many were killed and wounded, the very liar foreign minister of I.R writes his concern about #Palestine.


More fake news from Reuters / posted on Sputnik – Putin must be puddin!

Well here is the article in its entirety – my comments in italics.

“President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran has caused serious concerns on both sides of the Atlantic.”

This is bullshit – concerns limited to Europe – Russia – China – as they are the countries who need Iran – China for the cheap abundant oil – Russia and Europe for the equipment sales.

The U.S. administration has not a care in the world – well maybe not John Kerry and Barack Obama – but both have no authority whatsoever.

The United States will suffer the most from its decision to walk out of the nuclear deal with Tehran, Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior adviser to the Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told reporters on Saturday.

Explain how please.

This was a stupid deal by the Obama/Kerry tag team with all benefits to Iran.

Velayati added that by deciding to exit from the historic accord, the United States had “disrespected international regulations and other members of the P5+1 group,” and can no longer be trusted.

Great because those parties / members are the ones that were dealing with Iran before the sanctions were actually lifted?

“The Islamic Republic of Iran fully protects its independence and will by no means bow to [Washington’s] bullying and we have proved this over the past 40 years,” he said.

Velayati also warned European countries against kowtowing to Washington’s policy on the nuclear deal which he said would harm Europe’s reputation rather than the interests of the Islamic Republic.


US, EU on Verge of Breakup as Macron and Merkel Vow to Counter Anti-Iran Move

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has the capability to stand up against Americans’ non-compliance and will boost its regional presence on a daily basis,” Valayati emphasized.

Bullshitter – he is.

The biggest single issue from my point of view is – how did 500 odd kilo plus CD Roms of ‘original’ documentation on Iran’s nuclear program get into the hands of Israel?

If I was a Mullah I would be very worried about my support for that seat of power.

During their telephone conversation on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated their commitment to preserving the landmark nuclear deal with Iran.

Both have a pecuniary interest – naughty.

President Putin also spoke with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier in the day, with the two leaders saying that Trump was “wrong” to pull out of the accord.

Erdogan would support me if Putin asked him too!

Well maybe not.

The EU foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini, as well as France, Britain, China and the other members of P5+1 have likewise voiced their concern about the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord and expressed their commitment to the deal.

The Iran nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA,) signed by Tehran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the US, France, Britain, Russia and China – plus Germany on July 14, 2015, imposes strict restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in return for the loosening of economic sanctions.

No one mentions that all of the countries signed this agreement – yet Iran did not.

Speaks volumes for the ‘contractual nature’ of the transaction.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to pull out of the JCPOA unless Congress and America’s European allies “fix” it with a follow-up accord.

Iran has always denied it sought a nuclear weapon and accuses Israel of stirring up world suspicions against it.

No – Israel has proof of Iran telling porkies.

That is the problem.

Oh and as a side note:-

So now we know why Kerry was in Paris – had nothing to do with breaching the Logan Act – just family business.

This is ‘fake news’ Sputnik.

Now Solemani dead for a good couple of years – Russian FSB knows this.

Dare anyone to post a current picture of the General.

This is why I know that Iran and Syria are up for regime change – not is all as Sputnik claims it is.

Having a BIG problem explaining – as to what is wrong in the American political arena.

This is due to the fact of complexity – it gets beyond a joke when you say ‘it can’t get any worse than it is’ – in fact it ties in well with one George Washington’s fears on political division.

Yes seems that George Washington foresaw political party corruption(**) – to the point that one party would grow to seek more power than other groups – to the detriment of the whole.

He also saw that governments viewed political parties as destructive due to the temptations to manifest and retain power – to the point of political revenge on political opponents.

This would then flow through to sectionalism – and history shows us that it was North -v- South where political factions gained power and sought to obstruct the ‘rule of law’ – the ‘execution of laws’ created by Congress – and in so doing corrupting the division between judiciary- executive – and the administration.

With the Clinton, Bush, Obama dynasties – the facts are clear – the judiciary is corrupted with political appointees – the lawmakers are corrupted with money and power – the administration just bleeds off what is available – as they see the opportunity without consequences.

All that is wrong with America can be summed up by who is the President.

When the three tiers of government become so corrupted by their own self importance – when the politicians were dividing America on class system – the public voted for the one person – that was not a politician – and could do no worse than those they have elected previously.

Those that were elected – went to incredible lengths to retain power and usurp any pretender – or that person that they saw – as the threat to their dominance – their control and corrupted practices.

All the Government agencies were corrupted – politicised – from the Internal Revenue Service – to the Environmental Protection Agency – Judiciary – Intelligence agencies.

What will be written in history is that one Barack Obama and his appointees – blatantly spied on political opponents – then – when their appointee lost the election – refused to hand over the reigns to the democratically elected President – even the president’s own party were complicit in the crime.

Interference in Trump governing has been on a massive scale – involving lawmakers from both political parties – and the inclusion of foreign intelligence agencies (MI6 and GCHQ in the U.K. [Farr] and Australia [Downing]) to spread a malicious document intent on bringing down Trump – impeachment.

It is mind boggling to grasp the width and breadth of the deceit – and the amount of planning that went into the ‘insurance policy’ to defeat any pretender to ‘their’ throne.

Bearing that in mind – Trump and his appointees have done the impossible – not only stamped out corrupt administrations – but appointed good Judges to the vacancies that became available and established an America first program – in trade – in jobs – in global affairs – the latter empowering and delegating roles to regional players to limit the U.S. role on the world stage.

North Korea negotiating – and then Iran will be negotiating – as those that rule have realised that whilst certain governments can be bribed and blackmailed – the current administration cannot be.

Investigations re-opened into a number of Obama mishaps – Benghazi – Fast & Furious – Uranium One to name a few.

The latter interesting in context of Iran – maybe – just maybe – the Russians were allowed to ship the Uranium One product out of the U.S. – courtesy of a certain shipping company without the consent of Congress – and this ended up in Iran – good blackmail material against Obama – to have those original sanctions lifted – and have a huge payment made.

Edit: 14th May 2018

Necessary insertion. Source

“The NRC never issued an export license to the Russian firm, a fact so engrained in the narrative of the Uranium One controversy that it showed up in The Washington Post’s official fact-checker site this week. “We have noted repeatedly that extracted uranium could not be exported by Russia without a license, which Rosatom does not have,” the Post reported on Monday, linking to the 2011 Barrasso letter.”

It has been a wonderful 16 months – I did not know – I am amazed – as to what has occurred and the knock-on affect throughout the global economies – and politics.

Just hoping that other individuals in foreign countries can see light in that democratic process to rid the government of the bad and seek to introduce the good.

(**) Original article on George Washington and the political divide was read in last November (2017).

No B.O. – The mere fact that Iran was cheating means nothing to Obama!

And no – there will be no war because of Trumps actions.

In his statement he stated that ‘the reality was clear – Iran complying’ or words to that effect.

The reality was exposed by Israel through the delivery by someone in Iran – who happened to know the exact location and procedures necessary to extract all the documentation and CD Roms – detailing Iran’s breaches.

No war – regime change is a coming to Iran.

Much needed.

Edit – for the detractors – Hezbollah states no war!

Edit – Let us put this into perspective – I supported the initial Iranian agreement.

What I did not support was Iran then using North Korea – to further its own goals as that in itself created conflict with ASEAN countries.

I did not support Iran funding terrorism and seeking to control a large portion of countries throughout the Middle East including Iraq – Syria – Lebanon – Yemen …. that in itself was creating further conflict in the Middle East.

It was the Obama Regime itself that created more problems in the Middle East by ceasing actions to stop ISIS in Syria – and their fostering of ‘anti Syrian forces’ within the country – supplying armaments and machinery – which then fell into hands of ISIS.

That dog and pony show was instigated by Obama to appease Iran.

Iran – Hezbollah – Hamas – Houthis – grew stronger and created conflict and misery for an untold number of people.

I support the Saudi – Gulf Cooperation Council’s efforts to sort out their brothers – to seek regime change in Syria and Iran for moderates.

There is no need for interference by any other country.