United States Uniparty (USU) thinks that America Imperialism will rule – Further illegal sanctions deeply flawed.


What can one say about the new US sanctions to be imposed on Russia – Iran and North Korea.


For my mind I believe that all of the lawmakers in the US should just go back to the asylum.

Like I can sort of understand Iran – that nation is meddling a tad too much in Middle East affairs – and are being more than a nuisance in Yemen – Syria and are a thorn in any peace initiatives in that area.

North Korea though?

I really dismiss mainstream media’s poster boy treatment of the country’s ruler – in reality he just wants attention – doesn’t want sanctions and his ICBM program – like what can he hit?

The whole North Korea exercise would end if the sanctions ended and a bit of diplomacy was on the table – in the meantime it is just a distraction for the media and the US congress.

Not joking – the idiot constructed skyscrapers – look see I can have them too – but cannot supply electricity – something sorely missing in his claim to fame.

It is the North Koreans themselves that would suffer any attack from the US – and they are innocent – working in a communist dictatorship with meager earnings and a miserable existence – even compared to the Russians during the Lenin era.

The USU should try and get some correct information on the country – before fueling any fire for a show of strength against the country.

Then Russia – can’t apply a good sanctions bill without including Russia – and both Putin and Medvedev should be proud of the fact that the USU actually think of the country.

If the USU armed Ukraine – now that would be interesting – but further sanctions on Russia – this is definitely akin to water on a ducks back – the Russians themselves are more thinking that it has to do with advancing American natural gas supplies to the EU – in that the EU would actually buy American natural gas – at twice the price of what Russia can supply?

Well they might – but Europe has very long and cold winters – enough to break their budgets – and one Angela Merkel is fully aware of the consequences.

Then we assume that Americans will sanction their own companies for dealing with the Russians – now that will be a first.

Then we have the USU throwing some words into the various pieces of legislative garbage – attempting to limit the President’s powers – the US lawmakers must really feel they are precious.


Poop’s they do feel they are precious.

Now when I was made aware of this I decided to read the legislation – and none other than Trump stated it was ‘deeply flawed’ – or words to that effect – before signing the Bill into law.

Me personally thinks Trump had no choice – but hey my opinion – should he have vetoed the Bill – it was common knowledge that the US lawmakers would have forced the legislation through both houses – the USU lives again – for a few minutes.

The new legislation ‘apparently’ limiting Trump’s powers – as President – is a nothing burger – one knows – after studying law – that ‘shall’ is definite – ‘may’ means far too much – and to use this – in an attempt to limit Trump using his discretionary powers – shows how deeply flawed the whole matter is.

One would think that these lawmakers had no brainpower – then again – I ‘may’ be wrong on that point.


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