Imagine – Peace is possible in the Middle East.

After the Saudi Arabian – regime change – anything is possible.

I mentioned in a prior blog that the Egyptian President Sisi reached out to the leaders of the Middle East seeking a solution to the sectarian conflicts – Shi’a and Sunni.

The stumbling block was the regime in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

This has now changed in that Saudi Arabia has enacted a law – to remove all Islamic writings out of schools – Mosques – that teach violence. (1)

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iraq have been in discussions – open dialogue on the conflicts – treating each other with respect in the aim to quell the conflict. (2)


Now I am a cynic – was when I first read about Morsi approached the neighboring countries and with the CIA funding And supplying weapons to the Syrian Rebels – it was difficult to even image a peaceful resolution. 

Well that has now changed for the better – in that Trump has ceased the CIA involvement with weapons and technicians to the apparent Islam moderates – the result of which is the slow defeat of ISIS / ISIL – and the US drones targeting of the ISIS / ISIL hierarchy.

These rebels / terrorists are now on the run and what is happening globally – is a last ditch effort of remnants of the terrorists to be recognised – they are moving out of Iraq – in Syria they are changing sides – yet the main body appears to be in Afghanistan – and there they attempted to disrupt Iraq and Saudi discussions.

Then we have an offensive by Saudi Arabia in Yemen – not going their way – so the question is now – can the US and Syria and Russia work together – to have Iran and the Houthi rebels seek peace?


Time will tell.

Thank heavens both Obama and Clinton are not involved – as it is both of the despots were involved in the Ukraine – Libya and Syria….. 

Give peace a chance.

Recap for those that need a refresher course.

Many people in the Middle East are loyal to various sects – religions which shapes their thinking.

Iraq is a Muslim state – but 90 percent are Sunni Wahhabist – and ten percent Shi’a.

Iraq – in order to protect themselves from the Sunni Wahhabist Salafist terrorists (al Qaeda and ISIS – the Islamic State) turned to Iran – a dominant Shi’a Muslim State – who supplied the Shi’a Militia.

The Sunni terrorists call the Shi’a – ‘those who reject’ – rafida – and hate the Shi’a more than any other group in the world – and vice versa.

With the heads of state of both Saudi Arabia and Iraq now meeting – the situation should be resolved to rid Iraq of the Shi’a Militia – this then would release Iraq from Iranian control – breakup of the Shi’a Militia – and allow peace to be restored.

Both al-Queda and ISIS are no longer supported by the CIA – so technically they would withdraw through to Afghanistan.

Iran now has a problem – in that they are funding the Houthi in Yemen – and have to deal with the transient terrorists moving through to Afghanistan.

Edit: Omitted second link.




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