Trump – USD – pantomime continues.

Obamacare repeal – another attempt and this time it was John McCain alone – who TrumpD the repeal and replacement. It is all a game people – there can be only one winner and as demonstrated by McCain – doesn’t matter whether you are a hypocrite – to the victor the spoils.

USD – while overnight – before the vote – the USD started to gain some traction against other major currencies – another dump once McCain had finished voting.

That is all folks – Trump’s situation will not change while the swamp creatures are allowed to continue to manipulate all and sundry.

Trump cannot initiate anything – although he is POTUS – he has the power – he is not exercising this power for a reason – and that is the big question – what do they have?

In the meantime I have received a fair few complaints and referrals to the mainstream media coverage of the ‘Russian Did It’ congressional investigation and to the fact that we are all conspiracy theorists – even quoting NYT and CNN on that point.

It can only be a conspiracy it there are NO FACTS – and on Fusion GPS and the Trump Russia Dossier – try reading or listening to something else – other that left wing controlled media organizations. In fact try reading evidence submitted to the Congressional Inquiry.

Yes I know – all too hard for snowflakes…..



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