Blackmail – Sex – Espionage – Murder – the BIGGEST story on U.S. Capital Hill that you will never hear about in the media.

I kid you not – take 20 minutes and watch the video.

Now I aware that Imran Awan was arrested for wire fraud a few days ago – but this story is absolutely huge – and implicates all Democrat politicians in Congress and the Senate.

The truth may never come out and the perpetrators will no doubt walk away with a slap across the wrist – why?

1. His attorney is non other than the Clinton Foundations attorney.

2. The prosecutor is the brother of his employer Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

3. The FBI has no intention of investigating this matter as McCabe – current director of the FBI – has links to the democrat party – and Hillary Clinton – and his wife has received USD650,000 from the Clintons – which was not disclosed by McCabe when he was the Deputy Director of the FBI.

The corruption in the U.S. Intelligence Agencies is huge – this is the tip of the iceberg.

Obama ensured that all posts available were filled by politically motivated people – so any investigation of corruption is slow tracked – or evidence is destroyed.

Anthony Weiner’s – an ex congressman – his arrest and his seized laptop contents are an import issue – as these point directly to Hillary Clinton’s corrupt practices – Awan Brothers are the ‘trusted’ employees of Anthony Weiner – yet everything buried.



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