I smell a rat – is Trump to commit another war crime to keep the rats at bay?


It is apparent that Donald Trump is standing alone as President of the United States of America – the world’s largest economy – yet a country ruled not by the President – but by a unified party of Democrats and Republicans.

The United States Uniparty (USU) comprises both Democrats and Republicans – and are a force to be reckoned with – and no more apparent than the new Russian Sanctions being imposed by the US Senate – against the backdrop – that the Russians did not interfere in the US elections – and the failure of the Congress and Senate to can Obamacare – a bankrupt health care system benefitting big Pharma.

The simple fact of the matter is – that should Trump need anything done – then he has to bow down to the rats in the Republican Party – appease the majority – and no better way to do this – is to follow the script that was written by the rats – which includes creating a war against the Syrian regime.

Ousting Assad.

So then we have the U.S. Representative to the United Nations making this tweet – an indicator that there will be a staged ‘gas’ attack in the not to distant future.


Please note – the first respondent – Eva Bartlett has exposed the ‘White Helmets’ – the source of the gas attack – as being a staged attack with false photographs and actors.

Yes – Trumps evidence – on the last reason to bomb Syria – was bullshit – as I detailed in a prior blog – and now this has been supported by Sey Hersch (1) in a recent article in the German Welt – but please – do not expect any mainstream media operation to run this report – it is going against those that seek control of the assets in Syria.

Trumps decision previously – to bomb Syria without satisfactory evidence – killed 9 people – he is a war criminal – no different than Obama.

Should the rebels in Syria stage another ‘Sarin Gas’ attack – then we can expect the US to again attack Syria using cruise missiles – the question though is whether Russia and Iran will sit idly by – whilst the U.S. attack a sovereign nation – an act of war.

With this U.S. aggression will Russia ensure that the S300 and S400 missile defense systems are fully operational?

The Syrian army and Airforce retaliate?

Iranian forces – which are currently undertaking war games with China – respond with force?

I personally would not want to be in Trump’s position – should any or all of the above play out – it will be another war – based on a false premise.


All this to look after the rats within the U.S. Congress and Senate – appease the swamp – which Trump promised to drain – yet they still remain firmly in control.




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