Australia – pure bullshit on trade forecast figures.

It is important to me to watch the global trade figures – in terms of progress – to confirm in particular that the global trade has bottomed – and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Then I came across these figures for the OECD Goods and Services Trade forecast.


Yes a look into each country’s future expectations.

One look at this chart and it seems that the Australian exports are to explode – all I can say is that this is wishful thinking by the Australian Government – most probably in line with the fairytale 2017 May budget and forecasts.

My forecast is that this forecast is pure bullshit – and a simple formula should be applied – as in accounting – in that for each increase or decrease there has to be a corresponding and equal offset.

Whilst Australian forecast figures are snatched from a ‘fairytale’ – all other country’s are in line with expectations.

Seems since the Turnbull government came to power – the one thing they are good at is distorting the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures – whether in unemployment – GDP – and now the trade forecasts in the future.

Note: The Definition of Trade in goods and services forecast is defined as the projected value of projects sold in the future.


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