Why there will be no Peace in the Middle East.

Well ‘promises’ are not promises to be kept – especially when it comes down to money – oil – and power.


And the underlying reason that Trump and Tillerson – have. changed his mind on the Syrian conflict and has commenced attacking Syrian targets.


Comes down to the Syrian territory of the Golan Heights and a company called Genie Oil.


And who is behind Genie Oil – first Israel – seized the property during the 6 day war and has refused to release this territory back to Syria – and to ensure that Western Governments acquiese to their demands Genie Oil given the rights to drill for oil and gas.


Yes Syrian land – illegally held by Israel and defended on all fronts by ISIS – Israel – and the United States.


In the last couple days Israel has attacked Syrian positions twice.


No response from Putin, no russian jets, no S400.
And Syria is unable to respond.

No antiair missiles and no S300.

It’s getting to be open season on direct hits on Syrian forces – not just attacks on infrastructure.

Now we need an update on Ukraine.

From all reports Porky and the neo-Nazi’s are destroying houses in Donbass one by one. Russia not retaliating – neither is the local militia to preserve the Minsk Agreement.

And to think Germany and the US have given drones for the Ukrainians to use.


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