Update: Trump & Rich

Trump apparently aware of the situation – Bannon.

Nothing can be done in the interim until appointments made – FBI being run by McCabe. Special investigator Mueller is on the bad side – with Comey and McCabe.

Kim Dotcom was subject to a ‘legal’ asset seizure by US Government – although he is not a US citizen – and was flipped by Brennan and Comey.

Pompeo straightened that out and has supported Trump.

As this involves the FBI – the classification of State Secrets by Mueller – basically means that – no media coverage that may affect a Grand Jury.

Mueller cannot suppress the truth.

Comey has agreed to appear before the Congressional Investigation – to be specifically asked on the matter of whether Trump interfered in the Flynn investigation – or impeded any investigation.

This will be interesting on the basis of his prior testimony – in which he stated ‘no one’ has interfered – or words to that effect – I posted this on a prior blog.

If the Democrats push this matter and Comey changes testimony – that is perjury and it will be interesting – as to the direction that hearing then moves.

Remember that both Brennan and Clapper have previously perjured themselves under oath before these Congressional hearings and have not been charged – as too Holder (Fast & Furious – Obama’s gun running through to Mexican cartels).

All very complex – all politics.


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