Trump to be assassinated? They had two choices – either impeachment or assassination ….. Seems they are trying both.

Yes I did say on a prior blog that Trump would be either assassinated or impeached.

It appears that the FBI has been complicit in both – the swamp did not want Trump to Make America Great Again – all and sundry were quite happy in bathing in the pig shit.

The whole conspiracy has been undone through the blogosphere – with help from a few straight secret service dudes.

Kim Dotcom – I salute you – they tried – but you stuck to your guns.

Comey you piece of shit – rot in hell with Obama – Clinton – Creamer – Wasserman-Schultz – and the others –  it was your actions – or inactions that allowed many people to be murdered – children preyed upon – innocents killed for organ harvesting.

If Comey did his job – prosecuted Clinton in the first place – none of this shit would have happened – and by shit I mean:-

Serbia – Kosovo – Libya – Egypt – Syria – Yemen – Haiti – Ukraine – Benghazi – to name a few countries – the number of whistleblowers murdered is atrocious – not to mention the drugs – money laundering etal – and I for one am disgusted that human beings can do this shit.


Now the question is – will all parties be prosecuted?

Or will the Swamp prevail?

A candle has been lit in the darkness – it is up to everyone to ensure that this does not happen again – in any country ….


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