Seth Rich – shot by the FBI


The White House special investigator Mueller – ex Director of the FBI – has now classified the Seth Rich homicide as a State Secret.

It is now known that Seth Rich had three bullets lodged in his body – one of those has been identified as an FBI bullet – lodged in the liver.

Now Mueller (ex FBI) was appointed as a special investigator into the Russian connections to the Trump administration.

The Mueller conundrum

1. if he ignores the Seth Rich case – in connection with his role as independent counsel investigating the Russian connections to the Trump administration – which he should do if the police/DNC contention is correct – the evidence may emerge that it is directly pertinent to his inquiry.

2. if instead he invokes national security privilege – seizes evidence and forestalls any further investigation of the Seth Rich murder – he is actually blowing the “robbery gone wrong” narrative – a robbery where nothing was taken – which on that basis is not typically a national security issue – and would essentially be confirming Seth Rich’s as a whistleblower with the DNC data breaches.

I am presuming that Mueller is clever and experienced an operative not to muddy the waters and justify an embargo on the Seth Rich case – using more subtle arguments.

If he throws a national security blanket over this case – it will inevitably undermine the DNC’s position.

This is an interesting development as – ‘State Secret’ – would actually mean they’ve lost their right to play the Russia card – in the Seth Rich case.

Foreign agents can be publicly exposed with impunity – that is exactly what the Obama administration has been doing – aided and assisted by the Media.

The Congressional Senate Committee has been flagging every possible scrap of detail – about anyone in the Trump government – or those associated with him – who is accused of being connected to Russia.

Now they cannot have it both ways – classification of this case as a State Secret – which includes a media blackout – silences everybody – and restricts anyone else with government responsibilities – to be accused of being Russia connected.

Likewise – any connection whatsoever with Wikileaks.

No one would never have heard of Manning – Snowdon – etal – any whistleblower for that matter – without the involvement with Wikileaks – and now by classifying as a ‘state secret’ the Seth Rich investigation – which involves Wikileaks – the government has effectively created an impasse – they themselves have created a situation whereby they either implicate and charge FBI personnel and/or attack Assange.

Interesting developments.

Will the classification of the case as a State Secret – allow information to be gathered for a Grand Jury – charging FBI personnel – without the media disclosing any information or muddying the waters – or will Assange be charged with Treason (which by the way is a charge which can only be made against an American citizen) – and allow the ‘Russians Did It’ meme to continue to permeate and discredit Trump.

Time will tell.

And you think the US intelligence agencies operate within the law?

This is incredible – a lawless nation controlled by Intelligence Agencies.

Be afraid people – be very afraid.

I doubt that MAD magazine could come up with a more grim situation.


Edit: Wow I have been castigated over the fact the ‘State Secret’ on the Seth Rich case is fake. For those that are interested in the truth just go to Judicial Watch – a Freedom of Information request (FOIA) was submitted to the FBI – rejected – Judicial Watch now have to sue for the production of these documents – that is to say – take it to the Courts. This is nothing new – the FBI has obstructed every Judicial Watch FOIA requested – forcing all of the matters into Courts….. a delaying tactic. 

You can donate to Judicial Watch if you are interested – they are closely monitoring this case and do need donations in view of the costs involved in legal actions.

Edit 2. Spelling ….


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