Twilight Zone of the U.S. Media – Impeachment of Donald Trump – Part Two


The owners of the media dictate the agenda – Bezos – Slim – and a few other powerful people are dictating the policy – and the #fake news is then parroted by the international news organizations – without any critical checks of the story itself.

This policy is actually driven through intelligence agencies and those so called ‘elites’ – the rich and powerful whose agenda is not necessarily Trump’s agenda.

Think I am kidding – CIA definitely involved in what one blogger describes as a major problem ‘….when referenced material on the intelligence agencies is removed – I have a screen shot of that particular bloggers page – just in case. (1)


The leaders of the #Fake News rat pack are the Washington Post – then the New York Times – thereafter every left wing outlet cannot but wait to fire off the bullshit – seems that the majority of anonymous tips ‘on wildly inaccurate’ articles on Trump and the Administration.

Take Trump interfering in a FBI criminal enquiry – before he was fired.

The truth – is as set out below – from Comey under oath – during the recent congressional investigation.


So now we have the acting FBI director McCabe – indicating that he has a Comey handwritten memo stating that Trump did interfere….

And then – please – don’t get me started on ‘The Russians Did It’ meme – all of that distraction to cover the shortcomings of the Democratic Party and their internal corruption and fraud.

But – wait – we have a few idiots in Congress – Maxine Waters – being the prime loud mouthed Democrat and a few Republicans seeking Impeachment……. yes no illegal activities – but they call for impeachment and the media run with it.

First a distraction in the Russians Did It meme – then conditioning the public for the impeachment.


But hey – since when did any media organization worry about the law!


Then again I suppose their defense would be – the President of the United States of America has not got a reputation to harm.


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View story at


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