Hillary Clinton’s media manager David Brock used classified software – he could easily have identified Seth Rich as the Wikileaks informer.

Google Seth Rich and STFU.

Seth Rich’s parents hired a private investigator to try and open the enquiry into their sons murder.

Just so happens that it was Seth Rich who disclosed and leaked the Democrat files to Wikileaks.

Now David Brock has some explaining to do……..using a top secret NSA intrusion program …naughty David … naughty.

Background: During the presidential elections the emails on the DNC servers were leaked to Wikileaks – DNC and Clinton campaign saiid ‘The Russians Did It” creating the meme for everyone to attack Trump.

A DNC employee Seth Rich was murdered under suspicious circumstances shortly thereafter – two bullets in the back – he did not die at the scene – did not even know he had been shot – police took him to hospital – he phoned his girlfriend and his parents attended hospital. They left and he then died – a lot of questions unanswered and both Capital Police and FBI stonewalled investigations.

Parents employed private investigator – the blogosphere themselves started to investigate.

FBI – under Comey / MCabe watch are corrupt and not only stalled investigations but refused to release full details. Appears Seth Rich missing two hours of his life – this together with the fact he did not think that he had been shot leads to a conclusion of drugs – his death at the hospital after sitting up in bed talking to his parents – suspicious.

Who is going to question David Brock?

Will the mainstream media report on the truth of the matter that Seth Rich leaked the date – the Russians did not do it?

Update: Amazing a difference 24 hours can make. Fox News network ran the story – every other media organization had bullshit and garlands.

The important issue though is the Rich Family now have a handler – a public relations person. A Brad Bauman – #’s 1 and 4 say it all in this article.


1. Bauman Is a Crisis Communications Expert Who Works for a Firm With Progressive Ties & Urged Civil Disobedience to Force an Independent Investigation on Russia – -some recent quotes – –

“At what point are House and Senate members going to stage a sit in on the floor or some act of civil disobedience in order to force a vote on an independent investigation on Russia?”

“The Republican Party has become such a hotbed for scam artists, hucksters and sociopaths trying to screw you that they have straight up started screwing their own clients.”

“To sum up Trump’s 100 days of foreign policy: Unannounced photo-ops with family members and admin officials and provocative un-strategic bombings and fake naval deployments are enough to show strength to American audiences. This is us getting played.”

He also wrote, “Our president has no respect for America.”

2. Bauman Was Executive Director for the Congressional Progressive Caucus & Participates in Storm Chasing

3. Bauman Once Worked for Democratic Politicians (Mary Jo Kilroy, Tim Ryan. Ohio Democrats)

4. Bauman, Acting as the Rich Family Spokesman, Attempted to Distance the Family From Wheeler’s WikiLeaks’ Account

5. Bauman Has a Master’s Degree in Political Management

Why the appointment? – simple – the Democratic Party – Obama – Clinton – Podesta – Brock – FBI and Capital Police could ill afford the truth to be revealed – far better that the ‘Russians Did It’ meme survives – they have to create a false narrative otherwise important people may get arrested.

It no doubt is time to create havoc and commence to raise the stakes and impeach Trump.



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