The Jester – The Distraction – The Fixer

Ever look at someone and think that he or she is – a square peg that fits into a round hole?

Something is wrong but you cannot put your finger on it – you read and research – then realize that the peg fits for whatever reason.

This person has the smell of rotting garbage surrounding him – he is the fixer – for the corrupt and corruptible – a loyal lap dog and confidante feeding off his powerful masters – and one who constantly changes his Teflon suit to stop the shit from sticking.

Yet one revered – a lawyer – who majored in religion at the College of William and Mary – wrote his thesis about the liberal theologian Reinhold Niebuhr – the conservative televangelist Jerry Falwell – emphasizing their common belief in public action.

A moral education but an immoral man – a perfect fit for the fringe dwellers of the swamp that is American politics.


Mr James Comey – who is one peg that looked a tad of a misfit for the hole that he was in – the director of the FBI – his credentials did not fit to be a director of an intelligence agency – plus he was a ‘registered republican’ to boot – Obama couldn’t have picked a more perfect foil for the role undertaken.

A very tall bloke – with a sort of soft teddy bear face – and his history – a lawyer – and on that point some would say what do you expect – a politician – a banker – a registered republican – and a wanker – yes a wanker once you realize what he is – and how he fits into that hole.

Comey is a major fringe player in the ‘swamp’ – this is telling – in that he secured the position of Director of the FBI – in a landslide of 93-1 the one against – Rand Paul.

Once you do research on Comey – it is sordid and the stench is sickening – groomed from the outset to feed off the swamp.

Comey was initially a ‘registered republican’ then he was a Deputy Special Counsel on the Senate Whitewater Committee – investigating the Clintons – in a fraud connected to the Arkansas real estate venture which had gone bad – during the investigation he would have been exposed to the Clinton corruption – yet no charges were recommended by that Committee to the Department of Justice against either of the Clintons.

Then as a Federal Prosecutor – he had overseen the prosecution of one Marc Rich (in 1987 and again in 1993) – for a laundry list of charges with money laundering – an international financier – well connected throughout the Middle East. (1)


Marc Rich later pardoned by President Clinton.

This unusual pardon set off a political ruckus – focused on well founded allegations that Seth’s wife – Denise – to secure a pardon – had made large unrecorded donations to the Democratic Party (DNC) – the Clinton Library in Arkansas – and Hillary’s 2000 senate campaign.

What the Clintons did – was to ensure that those that were pardoned at the end of Bill’s tenure – would assist them with political and organizational links – money – and international connections to establish a global crime network.

No need to guess who took over the investigation – into President Bill Clinton’s pardon of financier Marc Rich – from another prosecutor – and decided not to pursue the case.

When Martha Stewart was indicted in 2003 – on a series of charges connected to a dodgy 2000 stock deal -it was Comey who brought the made-up charges about some-kind-of ‘lying’.


Martha’s big problem wasn’t the stock deal – she was financially secure with billions stashed away – her downfall was that no donations were made to any “worthwhile” political causes – nor political parties – nor the Clinton foundation.

If only Martha had understood – sharers are carers.

But back to Comey – prior to taking the position at the FBI – he was senior Vice President at Lockheed Martin – receiving $6.11 million in one year – and arranged for the company to pay a donations to the Clinton Foundation – as in the Clinton Foundation – it was pay to play – the company earned $17 million in government contracts.

Comey was also a board member of HSBC – the world’s third largest bank – this is the Clinton Foundation – and the world’s drug cartel bankers – bank of choice to launder proceeds of drugs – and gains from the global illicit and illegal activities.

The bank washed money for terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah – Russian mobs – assisted countries like Iran – Sudan and North Korea – to avoid U.S. sanctions – and helping people hide their cash from taxes. (2)

The HSBC scandal prompted the United States Treasury and Justice departments to fine HSBC a record $1.92 billion – no arrests or charges were made against any personnel.

The Bank was additionally involved in the LIBOR scandal during Comey’s tenure.

HSBC has ‘friends’ everywhere – as the U.K.’s George Osborne intervened into the HSBC money laundering investigation – seeking leniency in prosecution as it could have a detrimental impact on the financial well being of the U.K. Banking system.

I have written about this in a prior blog and attached the letter he wrote – friends across the water – all tarred with the same brush.

So add Georgie to a fringe dweller in the swamp as well – the list is long and runs deep.

The Clinton foundation benefited by up to $81million from clients of controversial HSBC bank. (3)

As the Director of the FBI – he had complete control on all aspects of every investigation on the Clintons – the collector of evidence – and in late 2016 actually usurped the Department of Justice by stating a ‘no inditement’ decision for Hillary – in that she was ‘careless’ about the servers which contained classified material.

If we look at the Clinton email fiasco – during the presidential elections – and classified documents on Clinton’s personal server then that is summed up by a colleague of James Comey – Andrew C. McCarthy :-

“…the FBI director’s decision is tantamount to sleight-of-hand trickery. There is no way of getting around this,” McCarthy wrote. “Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation…in essence, in order to give Mrs. Clinton a pass, the FBI rewrote the statute, inserting an intent element that Congress did not require.”

The – says it all on Comey’s handling of the Clinton email scandal:-

“the director of the FBI offered 15 of the most puzzling minutes in the history of American law enforcement. James Comey spent the first 12 minutes or so laying out a devastating case dismantling Hillary Clinton’s email defense. Then, “in a whiplash-inducing change of narrative, he announced that `no reasonable prosecutor’ would bring the case he had just outlined, an assertion that was contradicted within hours by luminaries including former U.S. attorney (and NY City mayor) Rudy Giuliani and James Kallstrom, former head of the FBI’s New York office.”

It goes further though – both Comey and the second in charge at the FBI – McCabe had strong ties to Clinton and had little respect for the rule of law – promoting narratives that were false and refusing to perform their duty in regard to the damaging leaks over and above the ‘Russia did it’ narrative – a narrative debunked but an open sore to the Trump administration.

The Clintons would have known what motivates him – as he was privy to be involved with a few investigations whilst in congress.


The congressional investigations – specifically with the manner of operations and the amount left undone – that anyone dealing with them would never get justice – that is of course if you are associated with Obama or the Clintons – then you get immunity from prosecution – even if you commit treason – it is Just Us.

His history shows many cases ending favorably for the Clintons – one case in particular – that of Sandy Berger – a former Clinton Administration aid.

During the Berger investigation – Comey said publicly that ‘we take issues of classified information very seriously’ – all the while seemingly undermining the scope of the investigation – which presumably was done to protect the Clintons.

It is a matter of fact that Berger – Loretta Lynch and Cheryl Mills all worked as partners in the Washington law firm – Hogan & Hartson – which prepared tax returns for the Clintons and did patent work for a software firm – that played a key role in the private email server Hillary used when she was Secretary of State.

I am wondering at this juncture – whether the contacts gained here – assisted Obama in having the Internal Revenue Service audit and harass republicans that became political pains in the neck.
Mr Comey was appointed by Obama to run the FBI – and he ran a campaign of distraction – it is up to you to gauge the extent to which the FBI has been corrupted during his watch – ably assisted by McCabe.


McCabe’s indiscretion in not declaring that his wife received $675,000 from a Clinton associate – when she was seeking to enter politics – was a direct violation of the FBI standard requirement – but it is Just Us.

Those matters have to be declared – conflict of interest.

McCabe’s history proves that McCabe himself is tainted and supports Clinton – even to the point he registered as a #Never Trumper – then his Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) being a standing joke – in that the apparent terrorists were groomed to perform tasks and had handlers ensuring ‘terrorist’ acts were carried out.

This JTTF – was instigated by ex-President Clinton during his presidency – bringing the CIA international standards and operations into the United States – whereas the CIA has no authority themselves to operate within the States themselves.


10 Major FBI Scandals on McCabe’s Watch – the FBI interviewed almost every terrorist who successfully struck America – not a bad record is it. (4)

Both parties – Comey and McCabe had loyalty to Obama and Clinton and had little respect for the rule of law – promoting narratives that were false and refusing to perform their duty in regard to the damaging leaks over and above the ‘Russia did it’ narrative – a narrative debunked – but an open sore to the Trump administration.

In not refuting Russian allegations leveled at the Trump campaign – which no person as yet supplied credible information that there was an involvement – and maintaining an ‘open investigation’ that could not be discussed publicly – was his Achilles heel – resulting in Trump stating you are fired.

Comey ran a continuous distraction with the ‘Russians did it’ – Democratic Party campaign that every other important investigation was on the back burner.

Even in his testimony – everything to me was a lot of verbiage and little fact – how the hell did not one person on the committee request he answer the question – rather than allowing the constant prattle.

I forgot – that these congressional hearings were and still are a dog and pony show – itself a distraction too satisfy the plebs – and supply fodder for the media.

Like what was I thinking – that some idiot would actually investigate Obama and his administration on the constant leaks – the unmasking of American citizens for political purposes?


Not to mention huge sums of monies missing – fraud – treason – bribery and corruption throughout each department – oh and the Clintons – the evil witch and her lapdog husband.

Everything was a distraction – even the mere fact Seth Rich – an employee of the Democratic Party leaked the Clinton – Podesta – Clinton Foundation emails to Wikileaks – turned into a ‘Russian did it’ – Russians did the hacking – Russians killed Seth Rich.


This inference of the ongoing investigation into the Russian – Trump election affair – which has yet to provide any collusion whatsoever – ignored the blatant leaking throughout the administration which was destroying the credibility of the United States intelligent services.

Maybe by design – to postpone any effort into the surveillance of Trump and support Obama’s ongoing destruction of the credibility of the White House.

In the recent Assistant Attorney General review of Yates – not one person from the FBI – asked Yates about the leaks – nor Rice for that matter – yet both had opportunity and political motive.


Comey was not interested in discovering who leaked anything to the press – nor the unmasking of a large number of U.S. civilians under the Obama administration – in particular Michael Flynn.

If we look at that particular case – Flynn was hired by Obama – then fired – rehired by Trump – then fired again through media pressure as he was ‘unmasked’ – which is illegal under U.S. Laws.

If one can see through the all of the fog and to what has actually transpired – it is an interesting narrative – Flynn was honest and did not agree to the politicalization of the intelligence agencies – as too Mattis who was appointed to the role as head of the Army.

When in the Obama administration – Flynn became aware of the Clinton initiative to overthrow President Erdogan – with the aid of the CIA controlled Gullen movement – this movement operating in the U.S. due to the then President Clinton offering him asylum from Turkey – a specialist in soft jihad – which he utilized on the Turkish military and police over a few decades – infiltrating and converting military and police members.

Now Flynn becoming aware of this would have informed his superiors – and/or Obama – hence his dismissal – yes an assumption on my part – but in light of the mere fact that Flynn had to notify Erdogan and the Russians – to throw light on the attempted Turkish coup – supports this hypothesis – and then the mere fact that the FBI ‘invented’ a Russian connection to Trump – as a way of discrediting Flynn.


Yes invented – as the ‘unmasking’ was of a routine meeting with the Russian Ambassador – such meetings held by the majority of the crocodilians in D.C.

The rest is history in that the Erdogan coup failed – through the assistance of the Russian Airforce – and Flynn did acknowledge his involvement – much to the angst of both Obama and Clinton – that which resulted in the Assistant Attorney General Yates stating that he ‘could’ gave been subject to blackmail by the Russians.

Bullshit to appease the media.

This is in line with Obama ‘apparently’ informing Trump not to hire Flynn – as no doubt the only persons threatened by Flynn was the Obama administration itself – hence the media unmasking and subsequent dismissal of Flynn by the Trump administration.

One must remember that leaking the ‘unmasking’ to the media is a secondary crime to the original – the real crime was the unmasking for political reasons Flynn – which was without national interest and purely for political purposes.

If one understands leverage – the ability of the crocodilians to compromise and control key people – to influence large groups with a few key appointments – then you grasp how Obama planted his appointees throughout the governments administration and now Trump – by removing people at key positions – can upset the applecart.

Whoever leaked the unmasking to the media – is a tad worried – as that person was likely the same person – who originally asked for the unmasking – without a legitimate purpose – a felony in the United States.

On that point – interesting that Susan Rise has now changed her narrative on the ‘Russians did it’ spiel – wonder whether she herself will seek a pardon from the Don.

I am remiss – back to Flynn – Obama – Clinton – and the Democrats were all desperate – so with the assistance of the FBI – to make Flynn out to be a Russian spy – a candidate for ‘legitimate’ unmasking – subject to blackmail – as nicely outlined by the ex Assistant Attorney General Yates – who by the way was Comey’s superior.

So Comey spun the nauseating narrative that the Russian connection was an ‘ongoing investigation’ in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

Now the arguments from the Washington Post and New York Times – was that Trump is attempting to cover up the ‘Russians done it’ – investigation by firing the FBI Director Comey – think for a minute though – is this not a really bad way too do this?


It is now a public spectacle – which will make more details likely to leak – if the FBI agents feel that their evidence is being sat on.

Mr. Comey’s credibility was tainted – no matter which way one looks at it – the FBI scandals under his watch are nothing short of ludicrous – the ten major scandals could not be put down to incompetence – more to corruption – ulterior motives – so much so that anything that he announced at the end of any investigation- would have been doubted.

Then his temporary replacement – another immoral man – assuming a moral position in the most powerful law enforcement agency in America.

Comey should be arrested.

McCabe should be arrested.

Comey is part of the swamp but a fringe dweller – as too McCabe.




Comey: Trump Did What They Wanted Obama to Do…

Even Democrat Chuck Schumer slammed Comey…


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