Jason Chaffetz – Republican crocodile – Illegal Attacks on Gen. Mike Flynn

Not to put to fine a point on the depth of corruption – we are talking about the cover up of 22 American soldiers deaths – under the Obama Administration – whilst Hillary Clinton was the U.S. Secretary of State.

We all could take what they want us to believe – or we open our eyes and attempt to let the sunshine in.

Think I am kidding – what about the families of these victims?

No closure – if it was your son or daughter how would you feel?

It is the level and depth of corruption in all countries that astounds me – and people persist in re-electing liars – cowards – murderers back into office – who do not give a flying f()ck about their constituents – just self serving parasites.


And yes extends to all countries – all politicians – all tarred with the same brush.

If you want me to look at any other country other than the U.S. – quite happy to do this – however bare in mind – that the U.S. is an economic powerhouse – and they have risen – they are now in free fall.



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