Real Russian Electronic Warfare


Ever wondered why only 23 missiles hit the target from 59?

Take note that 36 tomahawk cruise missiles did not hit their target – the above video is confirmation that the Russian built – S400 Mobile ground defense system – was deployed.

I understand that only one was employed in this area.

From this pictorial – the Russians themselves can interrupt the trajectory of a missile  – not only through the S400 missile defense – but through – ‘Measles II’ – a ground based mobile electronic warfare system – which renders an enemy missile – plane or satellite defenseless – reprogramming the incoming missile to return from whence it came. (Yes – that is how it translates)

The Russian aircraft have their own ‘Measles II’ electronic system which makes them invisible to radar – this explaining how Russian fighters in the Black Sea could successfully ‘blind’ U.S warships and ‘buzz’ them early last year.

This information appears to be lost on the mainstream media.

Radio Electronic disruption – allowing missiles to be redirected from their target and cloak fighter jets.

So the United States thinks it has the upper hand?

Me thinks the U.S. should rethink their shoot first ask questions later strategy.

This was an ‘act of aggression’ by the United States on Syria – and on this note bear in mind – that the Russians had signed a joint memorandum of understanding with the U.S. – ‘which specifically committed Russia not to interfere with any U.S. overflights – manned or unmanned over Syria.

This did not prohibit Syria – from employing the S400 missile defense system.


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