Yes RIP – MAGA – Make America Great Again – is dead and now buried.


What was it – 60 days?

If it was change that the American people voted for – the hope for change by electing a non aligned individual – it all died when Trump issued orders to bomb Syria – buried when the US navy aircraft carrier was repositioned off South Korea.

I am dumbfounded at the ease at with Trump accepted bullshit and suspicion in lieu of facts on Syria – all propaganda – and even Al Jazeera has now entered the fray – not sarin gas – bloody phosphorus – how could the U.S. Intelligence agencies not realized this?

Yes sarcasm – one reaches a point that the absurd becomes reality in the hands of the wrong decision makers.

It is obvious that General McMasters – head of the NSA and collating all the intelligence for the POTUS – is being directed – as the ‘golden boy’ of the dethroned Petraeus – a Clinton protégé (background on General Petraeus below).

It is also obvious in the blogosphere – that there is contradictory information on the ‘Sarin’ gas – or was it phosphorus? – attacks in Syria.

All western countries have demonized Russia – yet not one can form their own opinion – they all want a war with Russia – Syria – Iran.

These three nations are a formidable force – one being nuclear – and one which has had constant accusations leveled in the United Nations and in the media for several months – without proof – just on suppositions – photographs – jihadist claims.

Well – only one way that this can end – and America will not be great again.

People will wake up – but by then it will be too late – and as with the debacle of weapons of mass destruction – this time around that stellar piece of lying bullshit used to invade Iraq – will not be tolerated to invade Syria.

Then you – the United Sates – have a few political hurdles to overcome – tax cuts promised which will be unable to be delivered – inability to repeal Obamacare – and funding to run the government – debt already at USD 20 trillion and aware that all three are difficult in the current climate.

Well – who cares really – if America and its allies cross the red line again – boom – it is on!

Background history on David Petraeus 

He had first-hand experience for what happens when the US arms a militia it can’t control – that was in 2007 – as part of a strategy to defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq –  Petraeus armed and funded Sunni militias to stop fighting the US and start fighting al-Qaeda.

The strategy worked for a short time and then these fighters morphed into ISIS – there are rumors that the U.S. then funded the other Iraqi rebel militias to topple Assad – but they merged with ISIS – basically a re-wash – rinse – spin – and repeat.

Nothing concrete on the ISIS – US connection of course – just that the three times that the American and allied jets bombed the Syrian army – Air-force positions – the ISIS attacked to gain valuable ground. 

Who would have thought?

Petraeus’s strategic position in the Middle East has been identical to Clinton’s – then again he is a convicted criminal – whereas Clinton is just a criminal.



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