Insane Joker McCain

Holy shit Batman – this is criminal – in fact insane.


John McCain and Barak Obama have tag-teamed – to get the following legislation through – and they really – really are insane.

S.2943 states specifically:

“(Sec. 1233) Prohibits FY2017 funds from being used for bilateral military-to-military cooperation between the governments of the United States and Russia until the Department of Defense (DoD) certifies to Congress that Russia has:

(1) ceased its occupation of Ukrainian territory and its aggressive activities that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; and

(2) is abiding by the terms of and taking steps in support of the Minsk Protocols regarding a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Permits a waiver under specified conditions.”

The “McCain-Obama” law approves funding for the continued training – funding and equipping of “Anti-Assad” forces inside war torn Syria.

McCain and his colleagues also rubber stamped a plan for the taking and “holding” of the eastern Syria city of Raqqa in the oil rich regions bordering Kurdistan.

The significance of the latter bears special scrutiny given that Aleppo and most of western Syria is being retaken by the legitimate government of Assad.

Note the legitimate government of Assad – yes democratically elected by the Syrian citizens.

Interesting legislation – certainly binds the POTUS – ostracized Russia.

No love lost between Putin and McCain obviously – can understand the strained relations between Putin and Obama.

What a real sore loser is one Barak Obama is – vindictive as well.

Edit – just in case I lose this link – have a read on the so called hero John McCain (Rep – Arizona)

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