Trump – TrumpD by Pentagon and McCain and Clinton and Obama and …

Now this is a bad hair day for the POTUS – very bad hair day – bad.


When the news comes out Donald will have egg on his face and in his hair – and the smirks will be evident from the Pentagon – McCain – Clinton – Obama and Comey and McCabe.

Donald – you were done!


I really don’t know what you were trying to prove but you trusted your intelligence agencies – those same agencies which employs a lot of Obama appointees.

One must remember that Obama had eight years to ensure key placements were made in these intelligence agencies –  no doubt to enable his – and Hillary Clinton’s – continued viewing of classified data.

The problem for Donald – is that the Pentagon has a habit of lying – one cannot forget the Weapons of Mass Destruction apparently situated in Iraq – that factually did not exist and Blair – Bush – Cheney were all complicit in the cover up.

There are more instances of mistruths – a couple are listed in the links below.

As mentioned in a prior post – even the Assad ‘alleged’ 2013 sarin gas attack – was in fact undertaken by the rebels.

But the latest episode – takes the cake – really – I mean even MI6 in the U.K. knew that the doctor was a jihadist.



Do not tell me that the Pentagon forgot to check with their U.K. equivalent…


Yes the dear Doctor – a jihadist – kidnapper – and no – not a doctor – he was struck off the U.K. Medical Register.

So be it – you have set yourself up for a caning – and rightly so – you broke your own rule in ‘don’t trust anyone or anything’.

The reason he be TrumpD is a segment of a radio show on

” I don’t know who is responsible for the chemical attack at Khan Shaikhoun, but there is an interesting interview on Thursday’s Scott Horton show that suggests that things may not be what they seem. In a 14 minute interview, former CIA officer and Director of the Council for the National Interest, Philip Giraldi, explains what’s happening behind the scenes in the Middle East where “military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham.”

Exert of a section of the interview.

Philip Giraldi– I am hearing from sources on the ground, in the Middle East, the people who are intimately familiar with the intelligence available are saying that the essential narrative we are all hearing about the Syrian government or the Russians using chemical weapons on innocent civilians is a sham. The intelligence confirms pretty much the account the Russians have been giving since last night which is that they hit a warehouse where al Qaida rebels were storing chemicals of their own and it basically caused an explosion that resulted in the casualties. Apparently the intelligence on this is very clear, and people both in the Agency and in the military who are aware of the intelligence are freaking out about this because essentially Trump completely misrepresented what he should already have known — but maybe didn’t–and they’re afraid this is moving towards a situation that could easily turn into an armed conflict.

And to top it off – the Princess of Russ (h/t Piere’)


Edit – I was directed to this article as proof of correct procedure by Trump.

Well I read the article and as I understand it – the US administration – which I take get their reports from the Pentagon – state that it is “confident” about a “suspect” attack.

So, the US acted on a suspicion – without seeking authorization from the Security Council or the U.S. Congress – and without the missile strike being based on self-defense?

The OPCW was created to conduct necessary investigations in such cases.

The OPCW is in contact with Syrian authorities and is investigating.

No informations has been released.

From this I understand that no one has anything that is the result of any official investigation – the US is “confident” about a “suspect” attack to launch missiles.

Where is the logic?

There is none – plus Trump is lying – to launch this type of direct strike to avoid all of the Syrian planes and the runway – which is intact – and they call this a precision strike – takes a lot of time to prepare – satellite – armaments – etal – that my dear readers takes a tad bit more time than what has been advised.


Request received – for confirmation that the initial 2013 sarin gas attack – was NOT undertaken by the Assad Government – remember that the request to investigate – instigated by Russia to the U.N. – that report finalized in 2015. Go Google Jamie.

Please note that an excellent source called Obama a liar – after the accusation on Syria was made – non other than Sy Hersch. Now he has credibility – that was the alarm bell that was never reported in America.


Hat Tip – Breitbart London

Hat Tip –

List of recent Pentagon lies


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