Syria – Give me truth – Give me faith – Give me peace.

Simple requests against the powers that be.


Give peace a chance.

If you think that there is another agenda – other than oil – than let the dogs scream WAR.

CIA – original plan for the downfall of Syria and the Assad regime – just change the dates.

Israel – Jordan – Saudi Arabia – Turkey – all had a vested interest – together with Cheney – Murdoch – McCain – well let us say those with money and those that are corruptible.

Now that just leaves us plebs.

Do you honestly believe Assad would use a gas attack against his own people – when he – together with Putin have stymied ISIS in Syria?

Wake up and smell peace.

Peace can only happen when we open our eyes and let the sunshine in.

We being the people that stand to lose everything should these arseholes force war against Russia.

BoJo – you should be ashamed of yourself.

The White Helmets in Syria who reported this gas attack are not what they seem – the simple fact of the matter – is that it is a distraction – from the real process of peace.

My condolences to the Russians killed in the St Petersburg Metro blast – if this had happened in any other country – politics would not get in the way.

Congratulations MCain – as a good errand boy your dogs have done their deeds.


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