Could not resist my namesakes calling….. Yes lawyer up for those offended by the abuse.

Atypical of the Obama regime – blackmail had the tosser elected – corruption throughout the Presidency – and then utilizing ‘The Hammer’ to spy on everyone – for their own corrupt purposes.


Interesting is it not – think it is as all the Democrats have stated – the Russians did it.

The stupidity is – that blaming the Russians for all this shit – is just shining the light closer on Clintons deals with the Russians – condoned by Obama – to sell the U.S. Uranium assets to the Russians – Podesta brothers being paid for lobbying – for and on behalf of a Russian Bank and Oligarch – to lobby the U.S. government on removal of the sanctions – and the bribes paid to the Democrat controlled congress and senate to get these deals approved.

The amazing part of all this – is that the intelligence agencies and media ignore the Pakistani Awan brothers access to top secret information – fraud and corruption being carried on by all and sundry . . . . .

Note: It is not moi’ – the MAGA boy – namesake – personally hate Twitter and FB and all the other internet meme sites.



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