Obamagate – No kidding Sherlock Nap! – Update

I received a few emails on the GCHQ – the U.K. spying on Trump – for Obama – this route to gain information on Trump and his allies – as any allegations – can be easily dismissed by Obama – to maintain the media image that he is still lily white – the Teflon Man.

Aware that GCHQ – the U.K. – has flatly denied this – but then why wouldn’t they? – as this is the standard operational procedures of any secret service intelligence gathering organization.

If one cares to remember back to 1999 – refresh your memory on the Five Eyes operation – illegal meta data collection undertaken by – U.K. – Canada – Australia – and New Zealand – for and on behalf of the U.S. – yes illegal spying for each other known as Project Echelon.

I stand by my comments – and request that readers open their eyes and minds – plus do not use ‘google search engine’ – try DuckDuckGo – far greater unfiltered articles.

Google is an extension of the U.S. intelligence agencies – and data mining is useless due to the filters that they themselves put on available content.

Now – being aware of that DuckDuckGo – Project Carnivore.

That is the re-emerged Project Echelon – which was closed down in 1999 due to certain media organizations becoming aware of what was happening.

Under the Project Carnivore arrangement – 1,200 U.K. agents in a building in the U.S. – could do keyword searches and intercepts – with the Five Eyes arrangement – that if any ‘incidental information on U.S. citizens’ was discovered – it could be passed on to the US intelligence community.

The U.S. had similar outposts in the U.K. – this totally bypassed the restrictions passed after the Church Committee hearings – FISA court warrants – and laws prohibiting the spy agencies “spying on American citizens”.

There is no paper trail – there never will be – as the intelligence agencies within the Five Eyes Carnivore program can – and do – swap all information pertinent to each country.


This is confirmation that the Obama Administration was spying on Trump – why is this former assistant Defense Secretary not charged – she admits to the crime on national television?

Trump – TrumpD?

Now Trunp is standing like a ‘shag on a rock’ – fully exposed – with no support whatsoever – as the duly elected President of the United States.


He has all alone!

The Intelligence Agencies in the Five Eye countries are corrupt – as to their loyalties – they refuse point blank to assist the Trump Administration – they only appear to show their allegiance to the socialist – corrupt – neoconservative Deep State.

And no – this is not a conspiracy theory – just look at the facts of what has transpired recently – the Chairman of the Congressional Investigation Committee (Nunes – Rep) attended the White House to view ‘confidential data’ – pertinent to the ‘wiretapping’ allegations – in a secured facility room.

This information is available to both democrats and republicans to view – the Gang of Eight from the oversight committee – four politicians from each party – in both houses – congress (4) and the senate (4).


Now who outside of Nunes took the option to view this data?


Not one person authorized to view this information – bothered to do so!


All of the U.S. politicians are corrupt – they all are standing back to allow Nunes to take all of the bad publicity courtesy of the mainstream media – and thereafter to stand down – thereby allowing one of ‘their’ own to take the role of Chairperson – Barr.

Is this the Deep State?

This is not two different political parties – this is both houses – operating in concert – to destroy Trump – the President of the United States of America.

So whom are the actual puppeteers?

Who is the Deep State – that can control and corrupt politicians – administrations and media?

And then – who comes out of the woodwork to stake her claim – as the anointed one – to bash Trump and his loyal staff? – if this is not an orchestrated attack on Trump by the ‘Deep State’ then the coincidences are incredible.


Prior article: https://millermatters.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/obamagate-no-kidding-sherlock-nap/

Note: I am having severe problems posting articles on WordPress – drafts are disappearing – photographs and graphs deleted – after uploading.

The system now refuses to ‘save’ my work. So – excuse gramar – errors – will attemp to post this now – hehe – keeping my fingers crossed.


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