Obamagate – No kidding Sherlock Nap!

Seems that Democrats are delusional – they are myopic and refuse to contemplate that there are always two sides to a story – they act more like a cult – and refuse to listen to reason.

Obama required scrutiny – Clinton required scrutiny – Mainstream Media requires continual scrutiny – yet am amazed that there is little undertaken.

It was so obvious – easily researched and only now reaching the so called ‘right wing media’ of Fox News.

I am not saying that Trump does not require scrutiny – but no Democrat is prepared to allow Trump to fulfill positions in his Administration to effectively govern – they – together with the Mainstream Media report – #fakenews – innuendo – and all of this to hide the Clinton and the Clinton Foundations scandals – Obama’s USD1.5 billion transfer of taxpayer funds to Pakistan for personal acquisitions – Michelle’s securing certain patents ‘free of charge’ – the Democratic Party’s own internal corruption highlighted by Verison – 31 Democratic politicians employing foreigners in top secret positions of the management of IT Servers for congress and senate (search Awan Debbie Wasserman Schultz) – list goes on and on. 

Am amazed – but then again it was the Democratic Party that established the Klu Klux Klan – so nothing should surprise anyone as to how low they will stoop to achieve power.

As a sideline – spoke to several high school students – this morning – on the election of President Trump – their view is of a fascist leader – who is an illegitimate leader due to the vote being rigged – the ‘pussy grabber’ mysogonmist – charlatan – thief and tax evader.

The source of their ‘news’ being local news media – Twitter – Facebook.

This is our youth – our future – to me very scary.


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