Treason – bloody treason?

Well it is the Ides of March – much ado about a lot of treason in the United States.

Well it has surfaced – the FBI’s second in charge – McCabe’s violation of 18 U.S. Code 2381.


And have called the Director Comey plus second in charge McCabe – crooked – corrupt – in prior blogs.

Actually glad to be vindicated in one sense – yet I feel that the continuing shit fight between the Intelligence Services and President is assisting the Democrats in postponing appointments – thus deferring any major economic decisions from the Trump Administration.

This therefore weighs on my investment decisions – gold or the U.S. Dollar?

If Trump stays – Yellen increases interest rates – U.S. Dollar then has a role to play on emerging economies – together with the interest rate increase – and any increase in value of the dollar – will flow through to inflation in the United States – so the Fed will be caught behind the curve again and require knee jerk rate increases in an attempt to stem the inflators impact.

If Trump goes – political instability – gold will respond accordingly and nothing new will occur on the economic front in the short term – as the establishment takes control.

Interesting times indeed.

Now to whom does one approach to investigate sedition by Andrew McCabe?

The F.B.I. – ? – who actually are tasked with this responsibility – but somehow I doubt that they could do anything – but actively assist in the destruction of Trump.

Full story on the Comey – McCabe deceit can the read at True Pundit


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