Obamagate -it is real – the Democrats are in deep shit.

I absolutely love mainstream medias bullshit on Trump – thank heavens he uses Twitter to get his point across.

Forget ALL the bullshit you have heard on television – Trump Towers was tapped – Obama was behind it and this will surface.

Now the tap could have gone two ways:-

1. Obama to the Loretta (Liar) Lynch at the Dept of Justice to initiate the tap – which would leave a paper trail through to the Courts for approval – yes – subject to a Freedom of Information request the FISA (court request for tapping) would be on file – and this would have all parties listed.

Note – the courts actually knocked back an Obama / DoJ formal request to tap Trump in July 2016 – that is fact – question is was the tap undertaken illegally? 

2. Obama requested his English counterpart to have their GCHQ tap Trump Towers – why? – well it is outside the U.S. jurisdiction – that information would have been passed through to Obama. The timing is crucial – request made before Cameron departed – then interesting resignation of the head of GCHQ – after May appointed.

And no – I do not believe in coincidences – especially in this deep Orwellian swamp.

So the devil and the detail will have a public trial in Congress – a tactical ploy no doubt by Trump – as the Obama appointees throughout the administration are large in number – and the Government needs to operate – as both the Democrats and Republicans are dragging their feet on approving Trumps appointments.

He cannot Govern effectively until all appointments are in place – the swamp is aware of this – as too the mainstream media.


In the meantime he avoids using the intelligence agencies which are not under his effective control – due to Obama tenured appointments – and unleashes one Trey Gowdy in Congress (R) as Chairman to investigate – and then they whole story cannot be ignored and / or manipulated by mainstream media.

Oh – and how did he find out? – I suspect his security did a sweep and found the anomaly – they then did research and traced the ‘wire tap’ stories – from the Guardian U.K. – New York Times – and other rags – plus comments made by Obama and the Democrats – all of which commenced from mid July 2016.

Love to see Obama, Lynch, Clapper, Comey, McCabe – to name a few – get their comeuppance in the public gallery of Congress.

Source – Do what I did – do a Google search “….”+”…..” of the key words – they were far to numerous to list – but all available on the internet.

Edit. Could not help myself.




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