Once upon a time – Someone thought to open Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box relates to the utter reprehensible practices – child trafficking – slavery – pedophilia.

Not to mention all the shit that goes with it – from blackmail through to murder.

So President Donald Trump is intent on draining the swamp – and has issued a statement to this effect.

Yes – three cheers that someone has initiated an investigation – but this is only in the United States.


Cynthia McKinney is right – one wonders therefore whether the swamp will permit this to gather traction – as it will implicate a lot of sitting members in congress and the senate.

Interesting times indeed.

Please remember that the mainstream media has not been reporting the full extent of the global pandemic – they are mute.

This is happening globally – Italy – and notice the Vatican does not intervene in these practices – U.K. and throughout all Europe – on every continent and in the Middle East.

It is a start in the United States – but the swamp will fight back – there will be ramifications and media will ignore the obvious – they will combine to obfuscate the real news – concentrate on the ‘fake’ news.


Interesting times indeed.

Let the sun shine in – let the swamp be cleared



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