Russian Roulette – Trump TrumpD

Well what can one say.

Trump is being TrumpD.


Trumps temporary ban on immigration for citizens of  7 countries – identified by Congress as terrorist countries – listed and temporarily banned previously by Obama -was overturned by the three judges of the 9th Circuit Court – which gives non-citizens of the United States basic rights to enter the U.S. 

Well it has started – there is no rule of law in the United States – these three Obama appointed judges ignored the written law – and applied their own terminology on the constitution.

Then Flynn is ousted – Trumps trusted right hand man.(1)

The swamp is restless – muting Trump  – using paranoia as a tool to ensure the swamp remains intact.

Goldman Sachs now entrenched in key financial positions – Mnuchin now feeding information through to his previous employer – so we all are aware a March interest rate rise is on the cards – result being an increase in the value of the USD – sale of U.S. Treasuries.

Nothing Trump can do – all Obama appointees well entrenched and not only is the White House leaking like a holy canoe – the canoe – with Trump in it – is in the middle of the swamp.

Everything building up to impeachment.



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