Turnbull TrumpD

Amazes me that one Malcolm Turnbull would have negotiated a deal with Obama – on immigrants – after Trump won the election.

No – Turnbull was aware that Obama was creating problems for the incumbent President – and took the bait to set the new Administration up – with an exchange of immigrants.

Meet Obama’s new policies of creating disruptions and hurdles for Trump – instead of allowing a smooth transition.

Take note if you will the terms of trade of the Manus Island illegal immigrants – 1554 of these ‘unidentifiable’ Muslims are to be exchanged for 2,800 illegal ‘unidentifiable’ South American immigrants.(**)

Get that?

Really a dumb deal – but the mainstream media and Turnbull did not fully explain the transfer of 2,800 ‘unidentifiable’ South American immigrants – unverifiable people.

How is this fair?

So Trump is suspicious – and calls the Obama – Turnbull agreement – a dumb deal.


So call a spade a spade – it is a dumb deal.

When I first heard all details of this transfer – it was WTF – political expediency at its best – political point scoring by Turnbull and a political minefield for Trump.

Then again what do you expect from a left leaning weasel – corrupt and this fully explained and highlighted in one of my initial posts – Turnbull – A Prick and a Turd.


(**) The numbers extracted from memory – but they are within the ballpark – as having severe issues with WordPress – once I start typing – cannot leave – system goes so slow impossible to finish a post – or upload images. Plus cannot edit – have to wait 30 seconds every 1 minute – for screen to refresh.


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