Scrap Plan A – Go to Plan B

Plan A – Elect HR Clinton as POTUS

Plan B – Blame it on Russia – take Kalingrad

“Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool” – Paul Begala adviser to then President Bill Clinton (1) on the implementation of Presidential Executive Orders.

Kalingrad – Russian enclave.


Polish people have an intense dislike for Russians – let us just say bad history.

Watched the U.K. deployment to Estonia – NATO request.

Putin a tad upset.


Poland receives around 4,500 U.S. Troops plus 2,400 pieces of military equipment including tanks – armored fighting vehicles – artillery- trucks and containers.

U.S. Special Operations troops are now based in Lithuania (2)

Poland to establish a Missile Defense shield.

Now Putin pissed off.


I was under the impression that the transition of power in the U.S. – to the President Elect was supposed to be smooth – with all and every assistance granted by the outgoing administration.

Well not this time – Obama’s legacy of failure extends to – political minefields – that have been laid through Executive Orders – and numbknuts like Sen. John McCain (R) creating a political headache for the President Elect DJ Trump.

The situation technically could not get much worse with the sabre rattling of NATO over the recent weeks – one hopes that a ‘national emergency’ – through an escalation of activities by invading Kalingrad – does not invoke EO 13603.

And Obama just did update the existing Executive Orders on national emergencies -#13603 – only an update of outstanding Executive Orders – nothing to worry about here.

My concern is more to do with one Sen. John McCain (R) running around these Baltic countries reassuring them – that the U.S. is there to strengthen and support them – and that numbknut – does not do this for no reason whatsoever.(3)

Has McCain his own agenda?

Well – let history decide – he supported ISIL – is a warmongering neo-con – and attempted to create a problem with Trump over the 35 page yellow river XXX diatribe.






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