I never thought in my wildest dreams that the ensuing shitstorm would be this good!

Talking about  – https://millermatters.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/trumpd-and-now-a-purple-shitstorm/

It is that good I have had to order more popcorn – fair dinkum – gained a fair few kilos over the last couple of months – reading and watching the snowflakes – mainstream media – the U.S. Intelligence (or is that unintelligent) Agencies  -and American politicians – including Barak Obama – make complete idiots of themselves.

Here I am thinking that all and sundry were boxing Donald J Trump in – by Obama deft maneuvers regarding additional unwarranted sanctions – utilized by lawyers in court – when – if undone by Trump – would reinforce suspicions of Russian connections – ably supported by the mainstream media fake news stories – and Hollywood celebrities mocking the President elect.

On that latter point – my dear Meryl – needless to say – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – disappointed in that the Golden Globe awards were politicized – and I could post an embarrassing YouTube video of your hypocrisy – but that proves nothing.


Damage already done by all and sundry – but nothing – absolutely nothing could prepare me for the Get out of Jail Free card – issued by CNN – courtesy of the CIA – John McCain – and anti-trumpers.

Yes – who would have thought that a really bad sex story about Trump – over 35 pages – prepared by a user of 4Chan chat site – a politically incorrect chat site – would be trolled to anti-trumpers – accepted by them and end up with the CIA – John McCain – and leaked to CNN.


They ran with the story on the four prostitutes – Golden Showers – hidden FSB cameras in the Ritz – Russians blackmailing and grooming Trump – then CNN aired it nationwide – supported by CIA – and lo and behold I ended up watching it on ABC.

Well you can understand my need for more popcorn – this purple shitstorm is never ending – and I cannot believe that no one person at CNN – nor CIA – nor John MCains office – tried to trace the authenticity of what was obviously a bad Penthouse cover story.

Anything – anywhere – anytime – to damage the President Elect.

The CIA is a joke.

John McCain (R) U.S. senator Arizona – should just resign.

CNN should be renamed Clinton News Network.

Imagine Trump – on watching this?

It is the biggest ‘Get out of Jail’ card freebie – that could authenticate The Don.

The whole world will be watching what happens next – the 4Chan poster pol/pak has admitted he prepared the story – and trolled an anti-trumper who ran with it.

So who has no clothes?

Bloody amazed at the stupidity – but hey America – keep it up.

Loving it!

Now all the world knows why people voted for Trump.



Whoops – better order a couple of pallets of popcorn at this rate – inauguration countdown on.


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