I took the red pill – matrix is unraveling.

The U.S. Government and intelligence agencies are corrupted.

Matrix unraveled – I have been following Mr Webb from day one – my interest was initially provoked through George Soros and Madeline Albright – direct from the Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity website and thereafter extended through to Hillary and Bill Clinton.
Take the red pill today – watch and learn on how corruption has destroyed the moral fibre of the United States Administration and Intelligence services.

And yes – former and current FBI officers – disenchanted with the corruption from up high – have assisted Mr Webb in this investigation – which makes the Matrix come alive.

Open your eyes.

Edit: Having a huge problem with WordPress and getting the links on file.

Please note this is only the current day review.

Sixty more daily reviews on YouTube – but a lot are disappearing – being deleted.

Edit: Clinton ‘Fixer’ comes forward.



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