Hillary seeking secret pardon from Obama

Eric Braverman – the prior CEO and initial whistleblower on the Clinton Foundation – sought asylum with Russia Embassy N.Y. in October 2016.

As the Embassy was uncertain of how to handle the situation – he is now in hiding – yes he fears for his life.

So what does the most evil bitch – in the whole worlds history do?


Seeks a pardon from her partner in crime BH Obama.


True Pundit website – has been stated to be a ‘fake news’ site – no doubt this blog is a ‘fake news’ site too – as outlined by mainstream media.

Now – please acquaint yourself with the YouTube video links in the prior blog – the Matrix is unraveling – take the red pill – sit back and relax.

Edit: A few unhappy souls in calling POTUS Obama corrupt. This is my opinion – brought about by research on actions and inactions. Actions of the Russian sanctions based on ‘hacking’ against no actual proof – it was all bullshit – led to a Russian compound being seized and so called ‘agents’ deported. Now two things on this action jump into my mind – first a red herring to divert attention away from the DNC – which is just so totally corrupt and in need of a complete overhaul – then the Braverman issue – he had sought sanctuary in Russia fact – they could not process due to political problems – yet he disappears – the Russian compound an obvious target. Then look at the ban on mining oil in the Artic – who benefits other than Clinton and the US Senate Oil investors? Regret to inform all and sundry he is corrupt – get used to it – the teleprompter presidents legacy is failure on a massive scale.


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