To you too . .

Yes funny about Christmas – if you don’t have children or grandchildren it creeps up on you – can’t be avoided.


So to all – to you too!

So this is Christmas – terrorists on the lose in the EU – snowflakes and buttercups melting in America – Putin closing Russia to the rest of the world, whilst NATO at the doorstep – Syria’s Aleppo liberated to the angst of the U.K., France and America – but not before these three great countries arranged for safe passage of their undercover terrorist support and the terrorists themselves to Palmyra – then on the economic front global trade bottoming and Yellen’s Christmas present of an interest rate rise to the emerging economies and all and sundry – mind you after the U.S. pension funds collapsed – yea great timing stupid!

Wow – and that is just scratching the surface – whilst pedophilia in Norway and England being busted wide open – and no reports in the mainstream media – and then one has #pizzagate in the U.S. – being trounced for even suggesting that this ‘may’ occur in that ‘great’ country.

Obama just plays golf – whilst his wife cries away no hope – Hollande resigned to just f&cking about – May seemingly destined for an indefinite postponement of Brexit – Wilders ready to trump the Netherlands – with Merkel to get TrumpD in Germany.

But hey Charlie Sheen making a comeback – seriously!

What more could one ask for Christmas?

God bless their socialist souls.

If you are ready for it – 2017 will explode – yes in more ways then one.



Bonds continue to tank

Dow to 30,000+

USD to trump all

Emerging countries collapse under the increasing interest rates applied by Yellen – yes regret that she still does not get IT.

Edit: Wrong picture – wrong bloody Christmas message – so here we go – like it or lump it!




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