TrumpD – and now a Purple Shitstorm

Yes this was what I wanted – pity that the results are not as expected.


By winning – the Trump phenomenon would have ensured that corruption would be highlighted – the arrogant global politicians would be TrumpD by their own constituents.

It is amazing though – the most evil and corrupt woman in the history of the human race will not accept defeat – the American circus rolls on.

If Trump does not keep to his promise to see Hillary Clinton in jail – then the Purple Revolution will definitely be a pain in his rear end.

Take notice of the simple fact that – Obama nor Clinton – have condemned the Democrat agitators throughout the various States.

Priceless and pitiful at the same time.

Obama’s only legacy during his tenure was to create a class war – nothing else – the Clintons on the other hand have raped – pillaged – and lined their own pockets – while anticipating a foregone election conclusion – assisted by Google – Twitter – and the Mainstream Media.


Whilst Clinton was TrumpD – her evil intentions continue in the Purple Revolution – yes it is real – desire to have that Presidency – that power and control.

Amazes me that this group have a socialits agenda – that in itself has to be paid by ‘other people’s money – obviously not the oligarchs and Clinton Foundation – as the former pay little or none and the latter just avoid paying tax altogether – choosing instead to use the Clinton Foundation – a non profit organization – as their personal piggy bank.

Even Chelsea’s wedding paid for – at American taxpayers expense.

So whilst Hillary and Obama were TrumpD in the election – the groundswell of democratic agitators and indoctrinated snowflakes are creating a Bolshevik Purple Revolution.

Even at the expense of people’s lives.


Yes – they can stick their safety pins where the sun don’t shine!




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