Only in America – Fallout from Trump victory spectacular . .

Yes it is by far the biggest circus – just gets better and better.

To put it into context – the whole world is watching – well not really – but it does command attention – and I had an email – stating that if it was the ‘majority vote’ – then Clinton would be the President Elect.

Well I concede that point – but for all and sundry – the United States of America is a republic – it is not a democracy. They have the benefit of the Electoral College system and this is determined by the States – win the individual States – win those votes and the requisite Electoral College votes – and these went to Trump 290 – the majority – Clinton 232 – from memory.

To put it another way – stops the large populated States – and three come to mind – from dictating the outcome for the remaining States.

The problem with the Clinton Campaign was the belief that Democrat States were Democrat States – the newcomer on the block could not give a brass razoo – the Trump campaign hit all States.

The Democrat States subsequently felt ‘wanted’ and in need of change – that Jacksonism feeling – and Trump received the vote.

Enough said – the election is over – Trump is the President Elect.

So we now all wait with baited breath – as to whether he will follow through with his promises – there is a lot of speculation – but that is all it is – other wise I fear Mr Trump shall hear the words “You are Fired.”


Mind you he does need a lesson in economics – effects of tariffs – subsequent impact on the major trading partner – in that regard China – and the butterfly effect from that point.

Infrastructure spending against a backdrop of USD20 trillion worth of debt – USD10 trillion from Obama’s presidency.

Not nice.


Also needs to know as to whom to trust – that seems to be a problem now – as he referred to Obama as a ‘great man’ – and let us hope that he does not phone Hillary for assistance – as he did suggest in an interview – after she conceded the election to him.

Then you have the neo-conservative ‘Empire builders’ being requisitioned to the transition team – plus his apparent choice of the person to replace Janet Yellen at The Federal Reserve.

Think Donald has no clue – in fact I fear he has no bloody idea what to do – misplaced trust will only allow the circus to roll on through to his impeachment – yes you heard me right.

Some Democrats miffed – not only the Hill and Bill extravaganza – with the ‘purple revolution’ – but we now have one Michael Moore – requesting funds to start a revolution for impeachment.

Well it is the biggest and best show in town.


So watch this space – it can and will get far more interesting.

Then we have the Russia relationship – with Clinton TrumpD – Russia is seeking to restore diplomatic relations – bring the situation back from the brink – so to speak – and this in turn has upset NATO – a smidgen – well maybe more than a smidgen – a lot.

The political and military impact globally is interesting – in fact a lot may change – then again – a lot may not.


I will leave you with this ‘parade picture’ – Merkel should realise that her constituents are no different to America – she had crawled so far up America’s arse – and bent rules on the refugees that it may be Germany’s population that will trump her – TrumpD.


Interesting – then Merkel would be TrumpD – the newest revolutionary craze to sweep the globe.

Then we will have Hollande TrumpD too.

Other elections?

Turnbull was nearly TrumpD – but the alternatives were not nice – more the pity.



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