McFaul – the Bullshitter


Fallout from Trump winning continues – those plants by current POTUS Obama and Clinton followers – being put in their place – the most recent Michael McFaul – 52 – Obama appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2012 to 2014.

For telling porkies – same porkies as Obama and Clinton.

From Sputnik news:-

“McFaul made a controlversial remark via his Twitter account, claiming that the Kremlin had allegedly intervened in US presidential election and “succeeded.” However, later he deleted his post and wrote that “Of course Putin is also big winner tonight” after Donald Trump secured a victory in the election with 290 electoral votes against his rival Hillary Clinton’s 232.”

Knows nothing of Russia – language – culture

A neo-con intent on assisting American Not For Profit organizations within Russia – who emanates from – the Project Democracy and – National Endowment for Democracy – both organizations comprising left wing radicals – seeking regime change – globalization – tainted by Oligarchs.

Profession – specialist in Democracy – just a professional bullshitter.


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson – Zakharova told Rossiya-1 TV channel.

According to her, McFaul is an official “who intentionally damaged bilateral relations.” She also added that the inclusion of the former US envoy to Russia in the so-called mirror sanctions list is a “retaliatory measure.”

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