Sticks and Stones – Snowflake

Well what can anyone really say?



That may even offend – and as I am an offensive person – not really – just brought up in an era where ‘sticks and stones may break my bones – but your words will never hurt me!’

Okay it was tough – but a lot of lessons in life were learnt – needless to say I did not learn a lot in the beginning – it took time – my first fight because I was offended by an older boy labeling me ’emo’ on the football field.

Bait taken – I was despatched to the sidelines to cool off – and the opposing side scored – I received a team thumping after those shenanigans.

It seems that we now have a Generation Snowflake – no one taught valuable life lessons.


So we now have the CEO of a public listed company ‘Grubhub’ – threatening Republican staff – because he was upset over Hillary losing the election.

Like WTF? – excuse profanities please.

Wonder how the Board feels about that?


Yes people’s person – thought his offices were a safe space – to say and do as he liked.



It seems a lot of Snowflakes are demonstrating against the election results in America.

So this is the result of a great upbringing – good university – close family ties.





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