Time for some to eat Humble Pie… well many in fact.

Humble Pie – the Americans have voted – and whilst the ‘deplorables’ of the Clinton democrat party would prefer to stage ‘enmasse’ confrontations – against the election results – supported by none other that Soros’ GetGo – the current and former world leaders – politicians – and lesser lights have to eat humble pie.


Generally it is a matter of record that foreign leaders – do not criticize other nation’s electoral candidates.

Logic is – in that the person might win and one does not want the ‘off the cuff’ insults hanging around like a – silent but deadly fart – if you have to work together.

This tradition seems to have been broken with the President elect Donald Trump – the people of America have had enough – simple – time for change.

I have sourced these quotes below from around the net – when I realized the sheer size of this project – I had to pack it in and quit – with what I have listed.

As Trump was not a politician – but a businessman entering politics – then all and sundry had a field day – some comments below – the italics are my comments on the situation.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. – “Mr Trump is so stupid, my God!”

Former British prime minister David Cameron on Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban. – “Divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong.” – note to oneself – Cameron loves the House of Saud and supported Saudi Arabian position on the Human Rights Commission.

Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. – “He changes opinions like the rest of us change underwear.” – at least he has his own opinion.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. – “His discourse is so dumb, so basic.” – Well he did have to reach the masses.

Mexican President Enrique Peña on Trump’s rhetoric. – “That’s the way Mussolini arrived and the way Hitler arrived.” – well – me think it has more to do with the wall and should this proceed the lack of capital flows from illegal workers back to their families in Mexico.

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei. – “Trump is an irrational type.” – he can avoid the apology as he is now ‘age retired’ from the position – as of last weekend.

French President Francois Hollande. – “Yes [the election of Donald Trump would be dangerous]. [It] would complicate relations between Europe and the United States.” – what would one expect from a socialist who has only a four percent approval rating at home.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud. – “You [Trump] are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S. presidential race as you will never win.” – assured by Clinton no doubt – after millions in USD paid to the Clinton Foundation – hopefully Trump will put them straight – bunch of sanctimonious – self interested hypocrites.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Trump’s use of the “America first” slogan. – “I can only hope that the election campaign in the USA does not lack the perception of reality.” – well we will see after Germany’s elections.

Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan after Trump demanded the release of a doctor who helped the CIA hunt down Osama bin Laden in 2011. – “Mr. Trump’s statement only serves to show not only his insensitivity, but also his ignorance about Pakistan.” – regret he was not far wrong – Pakistan politicians are self serving.

Saudi Prince Turki-al-Faisal, a former ambassador to the U.S., on Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. – “For the life of me, I cannot believe that a country like the United States can afford to have someone as president who simply says, ‘These people are not going to be allowed to come to the United States.’ ” – well a lot of people felt otherwise – maybe the hypocrisy of Saudi Arabia in human rights – shrugs shoulders.

Gavin Newlands, a British MP with the Scottish National Party. – “Let’s be clear, Donald Trump is an idiot. I have tried to find different, perhaps more parliamentary adjectives to describe him but none was clear enough. He is an idiot.” – let me be clear that it is Mr President Idiot to you sir.

An unnamed ambassador whose country has a close relationship with Washington (via WSJ) – “Scary. That’s how we view Trump […] Could we depend on the United States? We don’t know. I can’t tell you how the unpredictability we are seeing scares us.” – wonder how they felt about a Nobel peace prize murderer?

Søren Espersen, a foreign affairs spokesperson for the far right Danish People’s Party. – “If he becomes president it would be a catastrophe. He’s an avowed admirer of Vladimir Putin and it would be a disaster for international politics if Trump gets anywhere near the nuclear button.” – amazed that you believe your own bullshit on his relationship to Putin.

Mexico’s top diplomat, Foreign Affairs Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu. – “When an apple’s red, it is red. When you say ignorant things, you’re ignorant.” – now how high is that wall?

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. – “consider Donald Trump a man who invests a lot in a policy of fear.” – he may have but it worked.

Christopher Pyne, minister for industry, innovation and science in the Australian government – “I think the Donald Trump phenomenon is a real problem for the United States, making their democracy look kind of weird.” – their democracy – what about Australian democracy – Christopher and his ‘mates’ stab their leaders in the back – then changes elected leaders at a whim – give me U.S. democracy any day.

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. – “Whether Donald Trump, Marine le Pen or Geert Wilders — all these right-wing populists are not only a threat to peace and social cohesion, but also to economic development.” – wrong – but what the fleck – covers your government’s bad judgements does it not?

Former Danish foreign minister Martin Lidegaard. – “If he becomes president, it will be a disaster.” – shit IT IS a disaster – hopefully NATO abandoned.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan. – “Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe: It risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of the extremists.” – and whom requests that at open meetings -the women stand at the back?

Ri Jong Ryul, deputy-director general of the Institute of International Studies in North Korea, after Trump suggested that Japan and South Korea arm themselves with nuclear weapons. – “Donald Trump’s remarks are totally absurd and illogical.” – amazing that North Korea can have nuclear weapons – with an idiot in control – and these two countries cannot – missile shield anyone?

Jimmie Akesson, leader of the far right Sweden Democrats. – “He is very good at making speeches, but as a politician and a world leader? No, I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” – anyone could do better than the refugee crisis that you have at home Jimmie – and how are those ghettos going?

Theresa May, who took over as Prime Minister in July, largely stayed out of the row – but did use a vast petition to Parliament demanding Mr Trump be banned from entering the UK to pointedly restate her powers to exclude individuals from Britain. – wonder how that is going now?

Peter Westmacott, former British ambassador to the United States. – Some of the claims made during the campaign have been empty or just wrong.” – sounds similar to your country’s claims on Libya and Iraq – yes?

Pope Francis. – “A person who thinks only about building walls — wherever they may be — and not building bridges, is not Christian.” – and Catholics are not allowed to use condoms – have abortions – etal – Amazing shit – sanctimonious comes to mind.

“The orange prince of American self-publicity.” Marcus Fysh, British MP with the Conservative Party. – And has he not done well – on a small budget?

Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan bin Tamim, head of general security for the Emirate of Dubai.- “If Trump beats Hillary, that means that the scenario of the clash of civilizations created by Samuel will come to light at the hands of the candidate and [Islamic State leader] al-Baghdadi.” – great mate – at least then the matter will be resolved once and for all – oops remiss of me – you finance al-Baghdadi do you not?

Former Mexican president Felipe Calderon – ‘So Donald Trump … is ambitious but not exactly a very well-informed man, I don’t want to say ignorant, but he is not very well informed.” – on that score you are correct – as he was a private individual – a tad hard to have a full briefing.

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny on Trump’s Muslim travel ban. – “The comments made are unacceptable.” – so is child abuse in Ireland but the Catholic Church refuses to admit and fix – they just transfer those guilty and hide the truth!

Victoria Atkins, British MP with the Conservative Party. – “If he met one or two of my constituents in one of the many excellent pubs in my constituency, they may well tell him he is a wazzock.” – What is a wazzock? Limp cock?

Gavin Robinson, a British MP from Northern Ireland who represents the Democratic Unionist Party. – “The person you are dealing with may be a successful businessman, but he’s also a buffoon.” – that coming from Mr Perfect.

South Korea’s vice foreign minister Choi Young-jin. – “Trump’s remarks do not show a sense of introspection on what their results would bring about; he does not know the gravity of what he says.” – why should the U.S. keep paying out for your defense – I know you have weird neighbors – spend the money – invest in a missile shield S300 or S400 from Russia – brilliant and is very disarming.

An unnamed senior E.U. official. – “A Trump presidency would be] a disaster for E.U.-U.S. ties.” (*) – yes thanks to WSJ for that quote – and in the interest of the U.S. may be the best outcome.

Carl Bildt, former foreign minister of Sweden. – “If Donald Trump was to end up as president of the United States, I think we better head for the bunkers.” – oops – and this from the Country were even police refuse to enter certain neighborhoods – people in glass houses! Plus whose navy lies – states Russian subs sited – lied to get a greater increase in budget funds – brilliant!

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. – “The anti-Islam rhetoric of Donald Trump and others in Europe are really the shame of our civilization.” – fair suck of the sap – just look at the increase in sex crimes to understand the real impact of admitting refugees without getting them first.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – “A successful politician would not make such statement, as there are millions of Muslims living in the U.S.” ( On Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim arrivals.) – agree – to be a successful politician – one has to be in that position for a number of years and be a self serving sycophant.

Ana Palacio, former Spanish foreign minister. – “The opportunism, unreliability and amorality that we have seen during the [Trump] campaign would be damaging for the world in general and hurt Europe in particular.” – nope – just show all of the people that your vote counts and you can replace the politicians – those the elite bribe and corrupt.

Manuel Valls, prime minister of France, on the proposed Muslim travel ban. – “Trump, like others, stokes hatred and conflations.” – and I see a cesspool in Calais and in districts of Paris – pot meet kettle.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg. – “A lot of what Donald Trump says makes for a more unstable world.” – umm excuse me – the world is unstable now – is it not?

Isaac Herzog, Israeli opposition leader, on Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban. – “Trump’s statements are shocking and disgusting.” – are not Palestinians – Muslims – Isaac?

Former London mayor and British Foreign Minister MP Boris Johnson. – “The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.” – bullshit Boris – from what I understand you owe a large tax debt to the IRS hence – avoid the U.S. at all costs.

North Korea’s ambassador to Britain, Hyon Hak Bong, on Trump’s offer to open nuclear talks with Pyongyang. – “We see it as the dramatics of a popular actor.” – yes well again pot meet kettle. In the meantime try and get the means of movement for your reputed nuclear warheads to go further than 52.4 kilometers.

Elmar Brok, German MEP and chair of the European parliament’s foreign affairs committee. – “He is not predictable and this unpredictability is a danger. And therefore it is not in the common interest, nor in the interest of the west, that we have President Donald Trump.” – wow – me thinks a fresh view of all affairs is a good idea – and I oft wonder how one could call the fence sitter Merkel a predictable politician – predictable flip flopper and unpredictability ignored the EU refugee agreement – brilliant.

Former Egyptian foreign minister Nabil Fahmy. – “The rhetoric adopted by US presidential candidate Donald Trump vis-a-vis Islam and Muslims is unacceptable and greatly offensive.” – and may I enquire on your treatment of Christians in Egypt?

Australian NSW Upper House (October 13, 2016) – That this House – ” ….. agrees with those who have described Mr Trump as “a revolting slug” unfit for public office” – Motion agreed to. – yes they banned greyhound racing – then reversed that decision too.

Australian Labor MP Emma Husar (October 10, 2016) – “Well you know Donald Trump’s a pig, he’s an absolute repugnant animal.” – mirror meet Emma.

Australian LNP senator James McGrath (Sky, July 27, 2016) – “They’ve got to decide which lunatic is going to run the asylum, basically…” – and your lunatic is one Malcolm Turnbull who could only seize party power by a coup.

Former Australian ambassador to the US Kim Beazley (August 10, 2016) – “Were there to be a Trump presidency, and I think that’s slightly less likely than more likely that that will occur, he would trash basically the structure of alliance relationships and trade relationships in our immediate region.” – well Kim never could get beyond the opposition.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (Darwin’s Hot 100FM, May 27, 2016) – “I think Donald Trump’s views are just barking mad on some issues.” – that from a rapist – yes and involved with a number of nefarious activities whilst in control of the Unions.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (3AW, October 14, 2016) “I have condemned his (Trump’s) remarks, a number of them in fact.” – Malcolm however will not disclose the FAI settlement made by his old employer Goldman Sachs.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg (August 10, 2015) – “(Donald Trump is) a dropkick.” – now that is not nice – drop kick – dick. Then again Josh – takes one to know one!

Greens leader Richard Di Natale (October 12, 2016) – “That repulsive creep Donald Trump.” – and from one repulsive to another ….lil’ repulsive opportunist Dick.


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