Off with their heads – going out on a limb – Jacksonism survives . .

Yes Jacksonism appears to be alive and entrenched in the American DNA.

Trump is ahead – calling it early – but in any case.


Lets see:-


War Crimes


Tax Evasion

Fraud – to name a few.



But then a gain there is a fool in the White House at present – and he has been handing out pardons like Democratic How To Vote tickets . . more the pity – he can go for war crimes too.


Well – if the International Criminal Court has recommended that Cheney be charged with war crimes – why not do Obama as well?

All drone killings were on Executive Orders – never put to congress.

Bad boy.

Oh yes – hopefully TTP, TTIP – or is that TTPP and / or TTTPP – can be buried.

BUT WAIT YOU SAY – still early and those bus loads of illegal immigrants still voting at all polling stations …


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