Who would have thought?

Laughing – Of course the system is not rigged!

“This is what I was talking about, they fixed it but it was on some nut sh*t at first,”
the man tweeted, adding that a poll worker helped him fix the problem.

“LOL funny that the “errors” and “calibration” always favors the Statists. Things that make you go hmmmm….,” responded another Twitter user.

The African-American voter said he complained that the polling station appeared to be using old machines.

“I just thought about it, I didn’t have to show ID to vote either,” he subsequently tweeted.

imageInteresting play on currencies – amazed on Mexican pesos – watching all currencies – as they will be the guide to the next President.

USD down – Trump

USD up – Clinton

Now I know how hard it is to beat the system – when the system is as heavily rigged as this one Trump has no hope.

Even a judge refused to issue legal proceedings on a complaint lodged by Trump’s Campaign against a local irregularity . . . so nothing to see here – just watch the money markets.

Full story on that tweet at info wars

Video: Machine Refuses to Allow Vote For Trump in Pennsylvania


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